I tried a 65p hack to clean the top of my burnt metal toaster – amazed with the results

Express shares tinfoil hack for cleaning toaster

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Crumbs, stains and even burn marks – the tops of toasters certainly get the brunt of the toasting process. Although this appliance is considered a staple amongst many, they tend to come low down on the cleaning priority list. Cleaning your toaster is one of those easy-to-put-off tasks because of how tedious it is, but it doesn’t have to be with a simple tin foil trick.

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Fans of cleaning sensation and social media influencer Mrs Hinch love sharing their own cleaning hacks online. 

One of the most common hacks that pops up repeatedly on social media is using tin foil to clean the tops of toasters.

Cleaning enthusiasts claimed that this kitchen staple is all that’s needed to remove the stains.

Foil is a staple in most household pantries, as it comes in handy for everything from wrapping leftovers to lining trays.

But did you know that there are many more tin foil uses other than cooking and wrapping up food?

Homeowners can also use this common household material to clean.

My toaster was covered in black and brown stains, which made removing them seem impossible.

After recently using tinfoil to cut through the dry on my oven racks, I decided to see if it had the same stains removal power on the top of my toaster.

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I began by switching off the toaster at the switch and pulling out the plug to avoid any possibility of an electric shock.

As the top of the toaster had never been cleaned thoroughly, the stains were extremely stubborn.

This process only took two steps, which is what made it so easy.

The first was to scrunch up a piece of tin foil and run it under the tap.

Water is essential to help lubricate the cleaning process.

Foil is one of the cheapest methods to get rid of the stains as the item costs less than £1 at most supermarkets.

I picked up tin foil at Aldi for 65p and that’s where I found the product to be cheapest.

Once damp, it was then ready to use to remove the stains on the toaster.

Using gentle up and down motions, I used the wet foil to rub off the burnt marks.

To my surprise the stains were coming off almost instantly and with barely any effort.

After using the tin foil, I took a damp microfibre cloth and wiped away the dirty residue.

Many Mrs Hinch fans suggested pairing the foil with ketchup to remove the stain, however, I found that it worked well enough without it.

For those worried about testing out this hack in fear of scratching their appliance, foil is soft enough that it won’t scratch the chrome metal but abrasive enough to gently remove the rust.

The tin foil and stains produce a chemical reaction that helps to dissolve the marks.

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