‘Crucial’ tip to ‘effectively’ keep towels soft – ‘allows them to be fluffed up properly’

TikTok user shares cleaning hack to keep towels soft

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Knowing how to soften towels will help to create the wonderful feel they had when they were brand new, restoring the pile that spells luxury after a bath or shower. Regular washing and drying can make the fibres of towels stiff and scratchy, but knowing which washing temperatures to use, how to load the washing machine, and which products to opt for can restore softness to towels, and keep them that way. 

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In order to keep towels soft, it’s important to use the washing machine correctly. 

The first rule? “Make sure to wash your towels separately to your other laundry to avoid any colour or fibres transferring on to your beautiful pristine towels,” says Lucy Ackroyd, head of design at Christy.

Bear in mind, too, that new towels shouldn’t be washed with those you already own.

Lily Cameron, cleaning supervisor at Fantastic Cleaners said: “Mixing brand new and seasoned towels can lead to the transfer of colour between different fabrics.”

Lucy explained how to load the washing machine in order to keep towels soft. 

She said: “To keep towels soft, it’s also crucial not to overload the washing machine. 

“The towels need plenty of room within the drum to breathe and circulate, allowing them to be rinsed and fluffed up properly.

“If you try to stuff too many in, you’ll end up with a clumped-together heap with moisture pockets throughout, leading to scratchy, stiff towels.”

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The expert-recommended way to soften towels that have become scratchy is to use white vinegar. 

“Throw a cup of white vinegar in your next wash,” advises textiles expert and CEO of New Sega Home, Brian Delp.

The towels have likely become stiff and scratchy because of the use of fabric softener. 

While adding this to the wash might seem like a sound idea, it actually has an adverse effect on towels. 

The expert explained: “The fabric softener can actually build up residue over time. 

“This prevents their absorbency and can cause them to dry out as well as preventing their natural softening from use.”

Don’t worry if this treatment doesn’t work after just one wash. 

Brian said: “Depending on how extensive the buildup is, you may have to repeat this step.”

The key to keeping towels soft is not adding too much detergent to the wash, which can mean it’s not thoroughly removed during the rinse cycle. 

Jessica Samson from Maids.com instructed: “Cut back on your detergent. Using too much detergent can stiffen your towels up and take away their softness.”

To keep towels fluffy, Lucy Ackroyd is a fan of eucalyptus-based detergent. 

She said: “Not only will this leave them smelling super fresh, the eucalyptus will also protect the fibres of the towel and ensure the colours stay bright and fresh.”

Thinking of using bleach? “Yes, bleach can remove the stains on white towels, but it can also make the colours fade and even cause permanent damage to the fabrics, destroying the towels,” says Lily.

Along with too much detergent, fabric softener can make towels scratchy so skip it entirely or cut back to keep towels feeling soft. 

Lucy said: “If you are using a fabric softener, only use a small amount as overuse of softeners and conditioners will build up over time, leaving towels feeling slick and non-absorbent.”

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