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ELDER Scrolls Online has just released its next major update.

The major patch has landed on the public test servers alongside the new Lost Depths DLC.

As it is on the PTS, you cannot yet gain the rewards with your main characters, but you can get an early look at all the new content.

This update and the DLC will officially launch on PC via Steam, Mac, and Google Stadia on August 22, with it coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 6.

The Lost Depths DLC brings with it two new dungeons full of unique loot and rewards, meanwhile, update 35 makes major changes to combat in the base game, as well as new item sets and furnishings.

We’ll let you know all the biggest changes in this, and give you the full Elder Scrolls Online patch notes so you’re not missing out on anything.

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New dungeons – ESO Lost Depths

As already mentioned, the two new dungeons are the main draw of this DLC. The first, Earthen Root Enclave, is a spiritual sanctuary for the druids of the Systres, although it is now under attack from the Firesong circle, so it’ll be your job to defend it.

The second dungeon is Graven Deep, a mysterious region where ships vanish as soon as they enter. You’ll head there with pirate Dhulef to try and uncover the mysteries that lie in wait.

Earthen Root Enclave can be found in southwestern High Isle, and Graven Deep is in southern Amenos.

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New item sets – ESO Lost Depths

Naturally, both dungeons come with a selection of item sets that you can only acquire as rewards in the dungeons. Each comes with light, medium, and heavy sets, as well as a monster mask.

In Earthen Root Enclave, you can get the Stone’s Accord light set, the Rage of the Ursauk medium set, the Deeproot Zeal heavy set, and the Archdruid Devyric monster mask.

In Graven Deep, you can get the Grave Inevitability light set, the Phylactery’s Grasp medium set, the Pangrit Denmother heavy set, and the Euphotic Gatekeeper monster mask.

New achievements and titles – ESO Lost Depths

A whopping 46 new achievements are available for completing certain feats in the Lost Depths DLC, many of which centre around the new dungeons.

On top of that, you can claim six new titles such as “Invader’s Bane”, “Earthen Root Champion”, or “Fist of Tava”. To get these you must complete the achievement of the same name.

New rewards for the worthy – ESO update 35

In the base game, you can now obtain new “rewards for the worthy” which are rewards for PvP, which you’ll get straight to your mailbox every 20,000 alliance points you earn.

The Languor of Peryite light set, Nocturnal’s Ploy medium set, and Mara’s Balm heavy set are all up for grab now, so start earning alliance points in Cryodil of Battlegrounds to get your hands on them.

Major combat overhaul – ESO update 35

For better or for worse, significant changes have been made to the combat mechanics with the aim of balancing damage outputs, especially with light and heavy attacks.

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Before light and heavy attacks scaled with your highest offensive stats, but now their damage level is flat. Medium attacks, however, will continue to scale as normal.

There are a lot of technical changes which you can read in the full patch notes on the official ESO blog, which include adjustments to damage and healing over time abilities.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.

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