Why you should NEVER keep your iPhone in its case during the heatwave | The Sun

IS the heatwave too much to handle for you this week? Well, it probably is for your phone too.

As temperatures soar and Brits are baking in this year's summer scorcher, many may find their phones will be overheating – which can cause permanent damage to your device.

To help protect your tech from the heat, mobile experts have provided a top tip – remove your phone case.

Taking your phone out of its case can be one of the best ways of keeping your device cool, even if it is just for a few minutes while out and about.

"A case is great in the winter – but it’s best to remove it during hot summer days" said the experts at Bespoke software development company.

"It acts as insulation so if your phone is getting warm then the case will keep the heat in.

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"In order to protect your phone, it is important to take it off so the heat can dissipate quickly."

While it is not always practical to remove your case, you could even go without one for the summer months, and opt for a thinner screen protector instead.

Mobiles expert Catherine Hiley at Uswitch.com said: "Removing your phone’s case can help prevent overheating, as any fitted covering will retain warmth

"Just make sure you don’t drop it while you’re out in the sunshine!"

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More expert tips to keep your phone cool

While it is easy to forget about your beloved phone while on a day out to the beach or park, these can be the prime times for your tech to overheat.

Catherine said keeping your phone out of direct sunshine or hot spaces can save your device from permanent damage.

"Leaving your phone in a hot car or direct sunlight can see its temperature rocket above safe levels, with Apple warning that iPhones operate best below 35C.

"If you’re outside, try to keep your phone hidden from direct sunlight and never leave it in a hot vehicle."

The phone expert also warned against trying a popular trick that can end up causing far more damage than you might expect.

"While it’s tempting to quickly cool a hot handset in the freezer – don’t do it – it could end up making the problem worse.

"The dramatic temperature change can cause condensation to form inside your device, potentially ruining the hardware.

"Instead, leave it on a cool surface with good airflow."

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