China to fire radio signals at asteroids to rate how dangerous they are – and could use system to track US satellites | The Sun

A CHINESE initiative to develop a deep-space radar has started construction.

The plan is to build a grid of 20 antennas with an observational range of over 93million miles – about the distance between the Sun and Earth.

Two of the antennas have been built and are slated to come online in September, reports.

Once operational, antennas will beam signals out to deep space for imaging and tracking asteroids, flagging the rocks that pose a threat to life on Earth.

The project has been dubbed "China Fuyan" which translates to "compound eye".

A translated Chinese research paper quoted the president of the Beijing Institute of Technology saying "At present, our research on space is constantly deepening, and a large-scale radar is needed for research on asteroids, Earth-Moon systems, etc."

The same academic told Global Times the 20 antennas will work like the eyes of an insect to create a full image of deep space and the rocks gliding through it.

Each antenna has a diameter of almost 100 feet – the grid will be situated in southern China.

Relatedly, the China National Space Administration is developing their Tianwen-2 mission, which will touch down on an asteroid for sampling.

China Fuyan could observe potential asteroids for landing, according to Eurasian Times.

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The development of the China Fuyan project comes at a time when Earth-based systems are becoming powerful enough to affect off-world satellites.

The Kremlin reportedly has an anti-satellite laser system in development that could paralyze imaging over Russian territory.

China Fuyan has less obvious military applications, but reported the Chinese are withholding details about the project.

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