Britons urged to avoid leaving common ‘clue’ to burglars – ‘advertises empty home’

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Home security expert and SimpliSafe’s general manager, Jonathan Wall, said Britons can easily keep their homes safe during the summer months following a few simple steps.

Take care of swelling doors

During the summer months, the doors can also feel the high temperatures and wooden and PVC doors can swell or shrink, which may leave the house vulnerable.

Jonathan recommended installing “a smart home security camera which can keep watch for any break-ins or home invasions”.

“You could have an outdoor camera to keep watch outside and an indoor camera to keep watch in the hallway, kitchen, etc.

“That means if you’re in the back garden, relaxing with some music, catching some rays or having a home BBQ, you can rest assured knowing your phone and siren will alert you of any break-ins,” he explained.

Social media secrecy

Jonathan explained: “Whether you’re planning a staycation or jetting abroad, your home could be left vulnerable but, there’s one thing many don’t think twice about, and that’s the power of social media.

“As tempting as it may be to do that obligatory airport check-in, that post could give away so much.

“When this is pointed out, those that have bad intentions may pick up on these clues instantly, and when you have thousands of followers chances are they aren’t all friends.”

The home security expert said that if people love to share publicly on Instagram, “consider setting your profile to private temporarily, but still be cautious of your follower list if it’s a high count with many you don’t know”.

“On Instagram for example, you could set your Instagram stories so only close friends can view what you post.

“Or, you may want to post your holiday snaps when you’re back as an alternative that doesn’t advertise an empty home,” he suggested.

Don’t forget to lock windows and doors

The home security expert said that people don’t always remember to lock doors and windows after having these open during the heatwaves.

Jonathan advised: “Remember to keep valuables out of sight too and away from windows as summertime can be a prime season for sneak-in burglaries.

“Burglars could take advantage of people letting their guard down, leaving windows open – next to open laptops, purses, handbags, wallets, and keys.”

He recommended using “a motion sensor to detect any human movement in rooms unoccupied with the ‘away’ mode setting”.

“Also, use a burglar alarm sensor to detect any window or door openings,” he said.

Check in on your home

Britons may be out of the house for longer periods during the summer, which means more vacant properties for burglars.

Jonathan said that no matter where people are, “thanks to the trusted smartphone and smart security, you can check in whenever you want”.

“For an extra layer of protection, professional monitoring plans with police response can also help provide extra peace of mind,” he said.

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