Watch as van driver narrowly misses a bus but RAMS a car while undertaking before driving off – whose side are you on? | The Sun

A SHOCKING video shows the moment a van driver undertakes a car, hitting it hard before driving off.

The video, uploaded to Instagram by user @fraserxv and shown on the Inside Motors channel shows what happens when people get impatient.

The video is shot using a dash cam and starts with a forward view of a typical urban street.

There are two lanes and a red van can be seen making its way along the left hand lane.

In the distance, you can make out a bus, and it's clear the camera car is travelling faster than the red van as both approach it.

The bus begins to slow for a stop and it's obvious that the camera car and van are going to reach it at around the same time.

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The other problem the van driver has is that the bus has entered a bus lane and the road is rapidly running out.

Given the camera car is travelling faster you'd expect the van to do the safe thing and slow to let it past before pulling out.

However, now out of view to the left of the camera, the van accelerates hard and goes for the gap between the bus and camera car.

It narrowly missed the bus but slams into the side of the car before driving off up the road through traffic.


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The driver and passenger in the car can be heard talking as usual until the hit – after which there is pure silence.

But whose side are you on? Should the car have slowed to let the van out or should the van have slowed to let the car pass?

People are divided in the comments on the Instagram video.

@7.zom said: "At the start of the video look at the arrows on the ground it's showing a straight arrow and a right one 😊 the cam guy is at no fault in here."

While @skl8ty said: "These speed up warriors are the worst, just let the man through. Share the frickn space."

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