I was stunned to get a £6MILLION parking fine – I nearly collapsed and couldn’t believe my eyes | The Sun

A WOMAN was left stunned after receiving a staggering £6million parking fine in the post.

The dumbfounded driver could hardly believe her eyes when she opened the penalty notice demanding a seven-figure payment.

She was slapped with a parking fine due to where she had left her vehicle while running errands around Rhodes, Greece, last June.

The local expected to be penalised for the traffic violation, but nearly collapsed when she was ordered to pay the astonishing sum of money.

According to Rodiaki, the Greek woman initially read the amount as €6648, seeing her recoil in horror.

But she was dealt another brutal blow after realising she had missed a few digits off the end – and in fact owed a whopping €6,648,444.


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The panicked motorist rushed to the local municipality's office to challenge the fine, adamant that there must have been a mix-up.

Local news outlets told how the frantic woman had been scrabbling cash together, but was still far short of the £6million.

She presented the stomach-churning parking ticket to an employee and joked: "Because I can't pay it by card, I'll pay it to you in cash!"

The bemused worker then reassure the woman the hefty fine had been administered in error.

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According to Rental Center Crete, parking fines are generally capped at €80, which is reduced by half if you pay it within 10 days.

The employee then remedied the parking ticket for the relieved motorist – assuring her she didn't need to scrape together £6million.

It is unclear how the expensive mistake occurred.

We previously told how a holidaymaker was left horrified after being hit with a hefty £600 fine for breaking a little-known driving rule while abroad.

The German national was visiting Queensland, Australia, when he was handed a penalty notice because his passenger was wearing her seatbelt incorrectly.

The woman had been sleeping in the car and positioned the seatbelt below her arm – but Aussie motoring laws require it to be worn over your shoulder.

And this shocking video captured the moment a parking warden dished out tickets to people – on their own DRIVEWAYS.

Furious residents confronted the barmy enforcement officer, explaining the land is private and therefore an appropriate place to park.

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I was stunned to get a £6MILLION parking fine – I nearly collapsed

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