‘Haven’t seen any since!’ Deter spiders from your home with 47p peppermint hack

Spiders: Expert reveals how to deal with bugs in your home

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Cleaning enthusiasts and fans of cleaning and lifestyle influencer Mrs Hinch have shared their simple hack for deterring spiders from entering the home. Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has more than 4.5 million followers on social media. In recent years, her fans have taken to social media to share their own cleaning tips and tricks on groups.

Facebook user Dawn Mills posted on one such social media group: “Tips for stopping spiders coming into the home.”

The post received almost 300 comments from cleaning enthusiasts but the most popular response was to use peppermint, either as an essential oil or in mouthwash.

Annette Steele replied: “Peppermint oil on a cotton wool ball.”

Sammy Dodson said: “Water/peppermint oil in a spray bottle.

“Spray doors/windows and any places they can get in.”

Olivia Maguire commented: “Peppermint – rub it on window sills around door jams.”

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Lyley Gutteridge suggested: “Peppermint mouth wash works wonders. I just buy Tesco own-brand for 47p.”

Natasha Hart said: “I agree with peppermint oil in water and spray.

“I used to get four to five big spiders every day and used that and get the odd one still but not very often.

“The one that does get in my cats see to.”

Nicky Witham wrote: “Peppermint oil at every door and window. Do it every day, it does work.”

Ange Richmond replied: “Peppermint oil, put in a spray bottle with water and spray areas they get in.

“I clean skirting boards then spray them. Bedroom and bathroom, they hate the smell.”

Sharon Stroynowski commented: “Spiders do not like mint smell hence peppermint oil, they don’t like the horse chestnut smell, hence conkers (as long as you pierce a hole using a corkscrew through the conkers to omit the scent).

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“Neither do they like spicy smells like clove oil, can be put on cotton wool in the corner of each room, doorway and windowsill.

“I am on spider alert from late July to end of November! Hate them, they make me so on edge!”

Amber Lewthwaite replied: “I made my own peppermint spray (water, peppermint oil and a little dish soap).

“I spray it around the entrance to my room, and haven’t seen any since.”

Peppermint oil can be bought online from a plethora of outlets.

Peppermint Essential Oil Pure and Natural is available for £1.97 from Amazon.

Holland & Barrett Oil of Peppermint Liquid costs £5.99 for 10ml.

Peppermint Pure Essential Oil is just £1.69 from eBay.

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For those planning to use mouthwash, there are more affordable options.

ASDA Alcohol Free Mouthwash Cool Mint costs just 47p.

Fresh Mint Mouthwash is available from Waitrose for £1.30 for 500ml.

Tesco Essentials Freshmint Mouthwash also costs 47p.

Other suggestions for ousting spiders from the home included using citronella, tea tree oil, conkers and bleach.

Alison Oddy replied: “Citronella. Few drops in water and spray round skirting and doors. Cheap and works!”

Lorraine Gaffney Oconnor said: “Dilute tea tree oil with water and spray around windows and doors.”

Claire Walker suggested: “Conkers placed around the room are the best thing I’ve found.”

Melissa James wrote: “Bleach around door and window frames. They hate it and it cleans your window and door frames too.”

Sandra Newman commented: “Conkers in the corners of every room they don’t like them.”

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