‘Absolutely reeks!’ How to stop your kitchen sink smelling & remove think gunk from drain

Clean It, Fix It: Maxine demonstrates how to clean a plughole

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A kitchen sink can have more germs in it than a toilet – as many as 17,000 bacteria in every square inch. Clean It, Fix It star Maxine Dwyer showed BBC viewers how they can really clean their kitchen sink; getting underneath where all the “gunk and grime” hides, and banishing any awful smells. 

“Most people think they know how to clean their sinks, but really, they don’t know,” the cleaning expert began. 

A sink strainer may look clean on top, but underneath, it’s another matter. 

Tackling the smaller side of the sink first, Maxine turned the sink strainer over in the drainer and the camera zoomed in to see thick gunk. “It even smells!” She remarked. 

Damp and dark plugholes are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. 

“People don’t realise they can unscrew their plughole and this will reveal a lot of gunk underneath,” Maxine added. 

“Have a look a this now, that’s why sinks smell, because you see what lies underneath, it’s gunk – yuck.” 

As for how you go about cleaning it, Maxine chose a creme cleaner, which she squirted all over the area, and using a scrubbing brush, she worked in a circular motion. 

“Gently does it around the rim,” she said, and after a few minutes, “with your microfibre, just wipe away”. 

“Look at the dirt,” the cleaning expert commented about the colour of the cloth. “Very filthy.” 

As for how to clean the underside of the sink strainer, she soaked it in a bowl of soapy water and then wiped it, returning it to its former shiny glory. 

“This is now ready to re-screw in!” Maxine said and then turned her attention to the main sink, but that sinkhole “wasn’t any better”. 

“Oh! Absolutely reeks!” She exclaimed after unscrewing the strainer. “People just don’t know that this, is lurking underneath their sinks,” she said pointing to even more gunk and grime. 

When cleaning the main sink, “it’s important not to pour any water down there, because if you do, it will go underneath the sink”. 

“You have to wash carefully,” Maxine said. “That’s why cream cleaner is good for this because if you put enough cream cleaner and minimal water on your brush, nothing goes down the sink. 

“Now, here comes the awful part,” Maxine had to clean inside the sink pipe to remove the clogged gunk. 

“One way to do it is put your index finger in the rag and run it around. 

“Look at this! Wow! Look at this,” she reiterated pulling out clubs of debris and dirt. “This is terrible.”

If you need to clean and deodorise deeper than the plug hole, into the kitchen drain, pour a cup of baking soda down the plughole, followed by two cups of vinegar. 15 minutes later, rinse with boiling water from the kettle. 

There are many creme cleaners available to buy; Tesco sells their Citrus Cream Cleaner for 90p, while the leading brand Cif’s Original Cream Cleaner is £1. 

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