‘I sent the last bit of money I had’ Woman in tears after losing over £1,000 in cruel scam

Rip Off Britain: Woman falls victim to 'money flip' con

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One woman has been left devastated after losing “the last bit of money” in her account in sophisticated scam. On BBC Rip of Britain tonight, Nicole explained how she fell victim to this investment scam and lost over £1,000.

Nicole Reeves was lured into an investment scam after seeing her friend post about it on social media.

Her friend had posted online saying his initial investment of £500 had turned into £5,000, thanks to a money flipping scheme.

Due to financial issues, Nicole really needed the money so the opportunity was like a prayer that had been answered she explained.

After doing some research on the scheme, she felt confident about pursuing the investment as there were many positive reviews

She initially transferred £500 to the investors and waited to see her money double.

The investors had contacted her 30 minutes later telling her that she had been chosen to receive a special £20,000 bonus.

But in order for her to unlock it, she would have to pay a further £740, which she did.

Nicole said: “I sent the last bit of money I had in my account and my husband’s account. I wanted it to be a surprise.

“I wanted to say ‘Look, I’ve done this great thing, we’re going to be okay. Everything is going to be fine’.”

Before she could unlock this £20,000 bonus, the investors asked her to make a video for the company, just explaining her experience and how they had helped her double her money.

She had to endorse the scheme, just as her friend had done in the beginning.

After sending the video to them, Nicole explained she was asked to do one more thing before they would unlock her £20,000 bonus.

The investors asked Nicole to send them her Apple ID, her log in details and a one time passcode so they could confirm her identity before sending things over.

Nicole continued: “I thought ‘Oh my gosh!’

“Everything in my body said you don’t give them this.

“It didn’t feel right, but at the same time I had to get the money.”

Nicole handed over her money and everything immediately changed.

She said: “In front of my eyes, I was being logged out of Instagram, my Apple ID, PayPal messages were coming up saying there had been a data breach.

“I was having a panic attack, I couldn’t breath.”

Nicole had lost £1,240, as well as control over her social media accounts.

The endorsement videos she had sent the scheme’s team were being posted all over her social media to her followers and she realised this is what had happened to her friend.

Nicole added: “It was awful because it was my account.”

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