New Portal Launched To Help US Communities Navigate Climate Change Impacts

The Biden Administration has launched a website that, for the first time, provides a live dashboard to help communities see extreme weather and other hazards from climate change they are facing, while also providing maps projecting how each community could be impacted in the future.

The new Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation portal will help state, local, Tribal, and territorial governments and leaders better track real-time impacts and access federal resources for long-term planning.

The portal – – is being launched at a time Americans are feeling the intensifying impacts of the climate crisis — from extreme heat across the country, including the dangerous “heat dome” gripping California this week; record-breaking floods across the South and Midwest; Western drought straining the water supplies that millions depend on; and more wildfires threatening communities.

Last year, the 20 largest climate-related disasters alone took hundreds of lives, caused untold hardships, and racked up more than $150 billion in damages.

In addition to providing more detailed, location-specific data about climate threats, the new portal also brings together multiple federal information sources and funding opportunities to help communities better prepare for and respond to climate impacts.

The Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation portal is a first-of-its kind hub that will help communities, federal agencies, and other levels of government better understand current exposure to climate risks to strengthen their resilience plans.

The portal, which will continue to evolve to meet community needs, includes real-time monitoring dashboard, assessments of local climate exposure, and funding opportunities and other federal resources.

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