Watch smiling truck driver confidently plough into a deep ford – but instantly regrets it when he emerges | The Sun

A PICK-UP truck driver has been caught on video regretting the moment he ploughed into a deep ford.

Uploaded to TikTok by user @bengregers, the video shows the driver losing part of his truck in the process.

The video was shot using a smartphone and starts by showing the Ford Ranger approaching the ford, which is clearly quite deep.

Judging by the hashtags on the video, this is Rufford Ford in Nottinghamshire, which has claimed multiple motors, many caught on camera and shared online.

The Ranger driver ploughs into the water at speed, clearly confident his truck can handle it.

However, as the water smashes against the truck and up over its bonnet, its grille comes off and floats away without the driver noticing.

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Without the grille in place, more water rushes onto the radiator and into the engine bay.

As the truck passes the camera the driver can be seen smiling from ear to ear, unaware that his grille is gone.

The Ranger continues on and up out of the Ford, but it doesn't look in the best health once it's on the other side.

It's natural to have steam coming from the hotter parts of the engine and wheels, but there looks to be some smoke in there too.


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The pick-up then limps off up the road slowly and people in the comments could see something wasn't right.

One said: "Smiling as he doesn’t realise that making a big splash has cost him about £150 for his front grill which has sailed off."

To which another replied: "And about 5 grand for an engine, don't think the bumper matters anymore."

While somebody else said: "that nod at the end was confirmation that he just flooded his engine 😂😂😂"

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