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Mary Lees ordered and paid in full for the luxury riser recliner in January. But when it arrived on time a month later, it was without its emergency battery pack control so was returned.

In March seller The Mobility Furniture Company delivered another chair, but this time Mary found it to be creaking and unstable, while the arm height was incorrect.

After a measurement check, the chair was on its way back again for inspection while Mary, who had made space in her home for her purchase and with nothing else to sit on desperately needed an alternative, received a loan chair.

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“It was pretty grubby and uncomfortable, but I hoped it wasn’t for long,” she recalls. Unfortunately the next new chair that arrived was without its emergency power pack too so also had to beat a retreat.

Come August, although Mary had received a £150 refund for the disruption she had experienced, she was more than disappointed by the delays, she told Crusader when she asked for our support.

“The colder months are coming, I’ve got asthma and a heart condition, and I’m unsure what is going on so I’ve decided I want a refund,” she explained.

Mobility Furniture, recognising the wait Mary had had, confirmed its agreement and arranged to have the loan chair collected at the end of last month.

But while it does not normally issue any return of monies until all goods have been returned, it told Crusader: “In a genuine effort to resolve this to [Mary’s] satisfaction as quickly as possible the refund has been expedited and actioned as a priority.”

And in a bid to improve matters in future the company also said it had instigated an internal investigation so it could address “concerns”.

A spokesperson added: “Substantial process changes have been formally proposed and some smaller adjustments have already been implemented. We pride ourselves on providing an extremely high level of customer service and we are saddened to discover that we fell short on this occasion.” [Mary’s name has been changed].

How to get the best chair to suit you

Little beats a comfortable chair, it is the essential sanctuary we all turn too especially when struggling with health difficulties and spending long hours at home. But top-of-the-range ones with all the mod cons do not come cheap so key checks beforehand are a must.

Made-to-measure chairs can be returned if not right and must conform to the dimensions specified so test one first and keep a record. Then if it turns out to be uncomfortable you can do an evidence-based comparison, the basis of any complaint.

Have someone with you during the sales visit. In these days when supplies suffer more delays, get in writing not just the delivery time, but timings if things do go wrong, for example how long a wait for a second delivery and where you stand on any loan chair which must be in an acceptable condition.

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