Britons urged to ‘be careful’ as new Evri text scam emerges

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Fraudsters are purporting to be from Evri as they attempt to steal personal details of innocent members of the public. Twitter user @uncooltimi shared a screenshot of a fake text message they had been sent about an undelivered parcel.

They said in a tweet: “Be careful people. There’s a new text scam going round: this Evri link is fake.”

The scam message reads: “Sorry our driver Jamie missed you today since no one answered. Schedule a new slot via”

Another Twitter user, @WikiaColors, said they were duped by a scam and handed over personal details.

They said: “Expected a parcel anyways, got a text from ‘Evri’, thought the website looked legit and entered info before I realised it was a scam. Lost nothing, but personal details.”

Twitter user @Kyla_Kaila said they had received many scam messages purportedly from Evri.

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They said: “My phone automatically filters out spam text messages. Today I took a look and I’ve got several ‘discounted energy bill’ scam texts, but alas, they are still beaten out by the messages from ‘Evri’.”

Others reported receiving fake messages purportedly from Evri, and almost clicking on the link before realising it was fake.

Scammers send out fraudulent texts with links to websites they control, in a bid to get people to hand over personal or banking details.

Britons have also reported receiving scam texts about the Energy Bills Support Scheme, which starts next month.

The £400 discount on energy bills is going out to all Britons, in six instalments from October to March next year.

Several people told they had received the scam texts this past weekend, and they have also been reported on social media.

One of the scam message reads: “GOVUK: We have identified you as eligible for a discounted energy bill under the Energy Bill Support Scheme. You can apply here:”

One person who received the text said they clicked on the link and it took them to a website that was very convincing, as it used the same colours and text as the real Government website.

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Another scam message included a link to a different bogus website: “You’re eligible for a discounted energy bill under the Energy Bills Support Scheme. You can apply here:”

This £400 discount will be paid in instalments of £66 in October and November, then £67 from December to March.

For many Britons, the discount will be applied automatically, so any text message encouraging a person to click on a link should be treated with suspicion.

Direct debit payers will get the grant paid automatically by their supplier, as a refund or as a direct debit reduction.

Consumers who pay using credit will get the cash credited to their account after the bill is issued.

Smart prepayment meter customers will get the credit added directly to their prepayment meters in the first week of every month.

People on traditional prepayment meters will get the rebate in the form of vouchers to top up their meter.

How the discount is processed will vary depending on the supplier.

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