Princess Diana’s first new car bought for her as a gift by Charles goes back on display at UK museum | The Sun

PRINCESS Diana's first new car bought for her as a gift by Charles has gone back on display at a museum.

The Princess of Wales had a reputation of owning a number of classic motors including a Ford Escort RS Turbo and a Jaguar XJS-C.

The red Austin Mini Metro was Diana's first new car and she drove it until she sold it in June 1981.

It later exchanged hands at auction in the 90s for £6,000 and is now under the ownership of the Coventry Transport Museum.

And the museum – which boasts the largest collection British road transport – has now put the iconic red motor back on display.

Back in November 1980, Charles took the new Mini Metro on a 20 mile test drive out of the British Leyland factory in Longbridge, England.

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Soon after, the royal gifted the £3,495, Austin Mini Metro 1.0L, which was dubbed the "courting car", for a then 19-year-old Diana Spencer.

Lady Diana was spotted driving it around London with paparazzi often on her tail.

Diana's former car has had three owners since it left the Royal fleet, and has recorded just 30,000 miles.

Once such a common sight on British roads, the Austin Mini Metro is now rarely seen, its one of the rarest cars in the country.

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According to the Coventry Transport Museum, the motor was one of the most well-publicised "secret" projects in British motoring history.

It took several years to develop and is seen as British Leyland's "make or break" car,

Current King Charles married Diana back in 1981 but the pair's relationship soon became strained over the years.

On August 28, 1996, Charles and Diana’s divorce became final as the fairy-tale marriage came to an end.

A year and three days later, the princess was killed in a car crash in Paris — a tragedy that presented the Queen with one of her deepest crises.

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It comes as Princess Diana's favourite run-around was sold for £650,000 at an auction last month.

The Ford was used by the princess for casual outings and was frequently spotted in London's upmarket Chelsea and Kensington neighbourhoods.

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