Professional cleaner hasn’t had flies for years due to clever method

Lynsey Crombie on how to get rid of flies from the house

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The hack went viral with almost half a million views on Tonya’s TikTok account @thatcleanbee. She called the method the “best fruit fly hack.” The professional cleaner added: “Since I started doing this (years ago) I’ve maybe had one time where I had fruit flies.”

She explained: “One way to help with fruit flies in your home is by washing your bananas as soon as you get them home from the store.”

The cleaning pro claimed that flies lay their eggs on bananas and when the eggs hatch fruit flies will invade your home.

Tonya said: “Fruit flies lay eggs on the banans then you bring them into your house and they hatch and you have fruit flies. So make sure you wash them as soon as you get home.”

Others were in strong agreement with the hack. One TikTok user added: “Also, pull your bananas apart so they aren’t in a bunch anymore, then wash them. They like to lay the eggs up where the stems join!”

Another said: “And don’t forget to spray/pour white vinegar down the drain/plug hole cos the little beggars hang around in there too.”

Others expressed surprise at learning of the hack. “Thank you! It was driving me CRAZY.. how were they coming into our house?? Our house is very clean. This blew my mind.”

“How come no one’s ever said this before?” another said. “I always wonder where all the flies are coming from, always only when I buy bananas.”

One wrote: “No way. I always thought the bananas just attracted the flies from outside.”

“Literally never washed a banana before…house full of fruit flies,” one said.

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Others joked. One said: “Ohhh is that why they spawn literally out of nowhere? Always thought they jump dimensions.”

“Nah I’m convinced fruit flies literally spawn from the edges of the universe into our kitchen via quantum tunnelling,” one commented.

So, is all this true? It is a fact that fruit flies lay eggs on pretty much everything.

Fruit flies can lay up to 2,000 eggs on overly ripe bananas and these hatch within eight days.

Flies will wait for the fruit to ripen before laying eggs, and the larvae then burrow inside and eat the bacteria and sugar for the ripening, rotting, and fermenting fruit.

Adult flies also feed on decomposing food, especially fruit.

It’s crucially important to keep only very fresh fruit and vegetables on your counter.

It’s also important to keep your bins cleaned and closed, and not leave bin bags around.

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