Property experts share how sellers can reach a ‘bigger pool of buyers’

Phil Spencer offers tips for avoiding estate agent fees

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With potentially hundreds of homes for sale in one area on property portals, it can be hard to ensure your house stands out from the crowd. One of the most important aspects of selling a property is choosing a well-established local estate agent.

A local estate agent will be able to provide a professional valuation of a property based on the property type and their knowledge of the local area.

They can also offer advice throughout the selling process and will arrange advertising, consult with buyers on your behalf and can organise viewings.

Most importantly, an estate agent will do the majority of the legwork in a property sale.

While not using an agent could save sellers cash, it could take up more time.

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Daniel Copley, a consumer expert at Zoopla said looking for a local estate agent should be a “top priority” for sellers.

The property expert also shared which estate agent contracts some sellers should consider in order to “reach a bigger pool of potential buyers”.

David told “In terms of the things good estate agents do and how to find the right one for you, looking for a local agent should be a top priority as they will have contact with potential buyers in your area – as well as an understanding of their requirements.

“Local agents also have a detailed knowledge of the area you’re selling in and will more convincingly be able to sell it to potential buyers.

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“It is really important to research your estate agent properly and get to grips with all the terms of the contract.

“There are multiple kinds of contracts available with estate agents to consider. These include: ‘ready, willing and able purchaser’, ‘sole selling rights’, ‘multi-agency’ and ‘sole agency’.

“If your property is likely to be in high demand it may be advisable to opt for ‘multi-agency’ as this means you reach a bigger pool of potential buyers who could help ensure you achieve the asking price for your home.”

There are a plethora of ways sellers can ensure their homes are attractive to buyers.

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While a lick of paint and new kitchen may be cosmetically appealing, Zoopla has claimed one of the “biggest factors” is “curb appeal”.

Daniel said: “Sellers can make their homes more attractive and ensure they don’t put potential buyers off by helping those viewing the property envisage themselves living in the home.

“A big factor of this is ‘curb appeal’ which is how attractive your property looks from the outside, as it is the first impression a person will have whether they see an image on a property listing site like Zoopla or whether they’re viewing the place in person.

“To do this successfully, and to make your home as enticing as possible, it is important to clean up, declutter and keep everything as neutral as possible, outside and inside.”

Another important factor is ensuring all legal paperwork is complete before the property is put on the housing market.

Mr Copley recommended appointing a property lawyer early on and checking you have the right gas and electric safety certificates in place along with planning approval.

Cosmetic repairs are also important as visible cracks, damp or even mould could make buyers question where there are more serious issues within the home, such as subsidence and structural issues.

The housing market has had a turbulent few months with the cost of living on the rise and the recent stamp duty land tax cut.

According to recent data from Zoopla, six percent of homes listed for sale have seen their asking prices dropped by five percent or more.

Rising interest rates and surging energy prices mean the housing market is becoming more of a buyers’ market than a sellers’ market.

Zoopla said homeowners looking to sell this year need to price more “realistically” and seek advice from a local agent.

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