‘It’s amazing.’ Woman saves £144 a year on energy bills and stays warm

Money saving tips: Man shares one simple trick to save cash

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Tina, 48, bought the electric drying rack after discovering it only cost 20 pence an hour to run. Tina’s tumble dryer costs around £1.99 in electricity per hour so she is now spending 80 percent less when it comes to drying clothes. The best thing is it heats up the room at the same time so leads to even bigger savings on energy bills.

Soaring energy bills have led many people to try out alternative home appliances in favour of energy guzzlers like tumble dryers.

One way to save money is to opt for a clothes drying rack which can dry laundry in a few hours and heat up the room at the same time.

Tina decided to make the purchase after the energy crisis made her bills almost too high to bear on her wages, and already having given up many costs to keep afloat.

Tina said: “It’s amazing, I can leave it on for about five hours and it won’t cost a bomb.”

She continued: “As a carer, I receive the lowest pay. We have had to cancel luxuries such a Netflix, using Spotify, etcetera, so we can save towards the rising costs.”

Tina is currently renovating a cottage, which means heat is a big concern for her.

She explained: “We live in an old cottage which is cold! We had to use the only bit of savings we had which wasn’t a lot at all, to buy 12 rolls of insulation.

“I think we will save an incredible amount not using the tumble dryer which is the only other way to dry washing if the radiators aren’t on.”

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The drying rack cost £129, but Tina says the price was worth it, considering how much she’s saving from it.

She added: “The tumble would cost an average of £1.99 per use (hour) the heated airer is less than 20p per use (hour) so we will make our money back within months.”

Express.co.uk looked into the biggest energy guzzlers and came up with some simple swaps so people can see what could be burning a hole in their pocket. 

A charity called Homeless in Teignbridge Support (HITS) looked into using a slow cooker rather than an electric oven and the savings are significant. 

Others have been sharing simple money saving hacks like the envelope hack – TikTokker Emma Cutler claims it’s helped her save £500 over the last six months. 

“With cash, if I take out a £20 note, I know that when it’s gone it’s gone, but with contactless I’d end up spending much more.”

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