Cleaner demonstrates 24p air fryer cleaning hack to eliminate grease

Air Fryer cleaning hack using a dishwasher tablet

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A cleaner has demonstrated a 24p hack to completely eliminate the caked-on grease in her air fryer. Clean with Abbi posts cleaning tips and hacks on her TikTok account (@cleanwithabbi) where she has 1.9M followers and has amassed 23.7M likes.

She also shares her cleaning insights on her YouTube account and her Instagram, where she has almost 55K followers. 

The Liverpudlian recently demonstrated how she cleans her air fryer. She claims this hack is the “easiest way”.

Abbi uses a clever bit of kit to tackle her Swan air fryer, explaining: “I like to clean my air fryer with a dishwasher tablet.”

She puts the tablet in and pours boiling water over the top. She then leaves it in the air fryer to soak.

After the tablet has had time to soak, Abbi pours the remaining greasy liquid down the sink.

Then the cleaner uses washing up liquid and a sponge to wipe away any leftover caked-on grease, before rinsing with water.

She does the same with the wire rack, scrubbing with the sponge and rinsing.

Abbi then shows off the final result, a sparkling clean air fryer.

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Other cleaners shared their tips, prompted by Abbi’s post. One suggested: “Fairy Liquid and water always works best for mine, hardly have to scrub as it does all the work itself.”

Another advised: “Put hot water in and open the air fryer for five to 10 minutes and it will clean easily.”

Others suggested using paper and foil to help keep the fryer cleaner.

“Wouldn’t have such a difficult time cleaning if you cleaned it after every use or used tinfoil,” one said

Another wrote: “I just use parchment/baking paper. That way the grease doesn’t touch the pan.”

An air fryer recipe recently went viral with users claiming the toastie is “banging”. 

The recipe has had millions of views on the app. The recipe calls for two slices of bread, ham, egg, and cheddar cheese.

Lee Wakefield’s video, demonstrating the delicious-looking recipe, has had an amazing four million views on the app.

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