FIFA 23’s transfer market has tanked after creator accidentally sells bargain bin Heroes FUT cards | The Sun

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs containing some of the rarest cards in the game were accidentally sold by developer EA Sports for bargain bin prices.

Each pack is guaranteed to contain at least one rare Heroes card that usually sells for millions of FUT coins on the in-game transfer market.

That’s because these cards have especially high ratings and can help give your team a boost in FIFA 23’s most popular online mode.

According to a report by VGC, at 6pm UK time, developer EA released a FUT Heroes Pack onto the in-game store for the price of 25,000 FUT Coins.

This is FIFA’s in-game currency with an approximate value of £6 ($6).

While the card you receive in the pack is random, all of the prospective Heroes players you can obtain are valued much higher than this.

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For example, prior to the sale, one of the available players, Yaya Touré, was selling for around 1.9million FUT Coins, roughly £450 ($500).

Of course, as soon as news of the deal spread on social media, players flocked to the game to grab a pack for themselves.

This means that more of these rare cards entered the market, dropping the price of these Heroes cards dramatically.

Some players who were holding on to rare cards, hoping they would improve in value over time, suddenly lost millions of FUT coins in value from their cards overnight.

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It only took EA approximately 25 minutes to correct their error. However, a lot of damage was already done by this point.

Cards that depreciated in value due to this mistake will likely never recover their former value due to how common they have become.

Players suspect that EA also tried to fix the error by purchasing the cards flooding the transfer market itself.

Thousands of cards were purchased in bulk within moments of the packs being removed from sale.

The error appears to have been that the cards sold by EA were supposed to be untransferable, meaning that they cannot be sold on the in-game transfer market.

This reduces the likelihood that other cards would reduce in value, as the card would be tied to a specific account.

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However, as we now know, the cards were in actuality transferable, causing players to lose hundreds of pounds in value from their decks.

EA has yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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