My neighbour left a note threatening 'legal action’ but the way they park their huge truck is comical | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED motorist has taken to social media to show a note left on their car by an angry neighbour.

The post has the title: 'So I got this note on my car, see the second picture for my daily parking situation.'

Reddit user 'Culneaj' uploaded the post along with two pictures – one of the note and one of their neighbour's parking.

The note reads: 'Hey. Stop hitting my truck. Next time you do it, I'm taking legal action.'

The next picture shows the neighbour's huge white pick-up truck complete with 'SASSY BRAT' written on its grille.

The truck has massive tyres that jut out beyond its wheel arches and has been parked lazily at an unhelpful angle.

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Part of the truck's tyre is crossing the parking bay's line and encroaching into the next bay.

The Reddit user's Honda can be seen parked next to the truck on the right.

People responded to the post with suggestions as to what should happen next.

One said: "Is that allocated parking? Because 'Stop parking over in my space. Next time you do it I'll have you towed' would be a nice reply."


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Another said: "How about the fact that his truck is currently illegal? Tires can’t stick out like that. Either needs smaller tires or flares."

A third said: "Does she have an “Address me by my husband's rank” bumper sticker on the back?"

While another person commented: "I'm curious to know if her truck payments are more than her rent each month."

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