10 tricks to save money on your food shop

Cost of living: Bristol resident says food shop has increased by £30

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Latest figures reveal it’s not just energy bills that are soaring – the cost of the food shop is also increasing significantly with some of the cheapest items like bread and pasta rising the most. People in Bristol have been telling Express.co.uk how they have noticed the price rises which are costing them an extra £120 a month on average.

Research by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals the cheapest prices for some grocery staples have risen sharply.

The cost of pasta has risen by almost two thirds (68 percent), while tea (46 percent), chips (39 percent), bread (38 percent) and biscuits (34 percent) all rose by more than a third over the last 12 months.

People in Bristol have been telling Express.co.uk they are spending around an extra £120 a month on their food shop which works out at an eye-watering £1,440 a year.

Sue Corny, 65, from Bristol said she is spending at least £20 to £30 a week more on food shopping.

When asked what savings she has had to make, Sue said: “You do find it don’t you because at the end of the day you’ve got to eat.

“We’re not a family that likes luxury things – I get the offers when they’re on at Tesco and other supermarkets.

“I do look more now for the own brands rather than the named brands.

“As my late mum would say, ‘You’ve got to cut your cloth accordingly.’”

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Another Bristol woman, 59-year-old Amanda Dean, said she can now only get two bags of shopping for £95 – whereas before that would pay for a trolley full. 

“Normally you get a trolley full but nowadays it’s just like two carrier bags.

“We went in the other day and spent £95.96 on two reusable shopping bags and that was with no luxuries.”

One way to save money on the food shop is to plan everything in advance and batch cook.

A pensioner from Bristol told Express.co.uk how this saves him and his wife £50 a month on the food shop. 

David Harrison, 80, said: “Well I’ve noticed that everything is going up dramatically. We’re obviously going for more special offers than we used to so we’re being a bit more careful.

“There’s only two of us but we’ve still got two freezers. We would be saving by batch cooking – probably about £50 a month.”

Money experts recommend 10 ways people can save money on the food shop:

  • Downshifting
  • Using a slow cooker
  • Using an Air fryer
  • Shopping at a food club
  • Yellow sticker bargains
  • Too Good to Go
  • Trying Olio
  • Batch cooking
  • Use pulses
  • Plan everything.

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