Mum’s beautiful ‘extra bright’ Christmas tree light hack

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A mum and influencer shared an amazing hack to make your Christmas tree shine extra bright this year. The Irish influencer, Kelly Fitzsimons, shares her like hacks on her social media accounts, like her Instagram account @kellyfitzsimons_ where she boasts 142K followers. 

She shared the Christmas tree decorating hack on her TikTok account @kellyfitzsimons__ were she has 22K followers and has amassed 786.3K “likes”.

She wrote to her followers: “Get those lights right up the trunk and watch your tree glow. I used 3 x 2000 cluster lights.”

So how exactly does Kelly do it? She explained: “First you want to untangle your lights. Then I just push the lights into the base of my tree and the whole way up the trunk.

“You can see there is no particular way of putting these in, you just lay them onto the branches.

“Then once you take these off your tree you just pull them off, they are so easy to get off.”

Kelly shared some important notes when it comes to her method. She said: “As you can see I’m not walking around the tree, I’m going from left to right and right to left.”

After the lights have been pushed into to the trunk it’s time to tackle the branches. Kelly went on: “Once you have them done you’re going to go onto each individual branch of your tree in a zigzag shape and tuck each corner underneath a bit of pine.

“Then you work on the tree from left to right and right to left, don’t walk around it.”

Kelly does this the entire way up her tree, and said: “I do one half with 2000 lights and then I do the second half with another 2000 and it’s nice and bright.”

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Kelly’s followers praised the beautiful, bright tree. One said, “This is gorgeous”, while another added, “Those lights are so pretty!”

Others commented on how long the stunning display takes, with one writing: “That looks so nice but I would have no patience for this.”

“Beautiful but looks like a lot of work to wrap limbs. I use icicle lights. Fills a large area in nicely,” another said.

Another said: “This is beautiful but I’m lazy so I’m going to stick with pre-lit trees.”

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Others remarked on how much effort it would take to take the tree down. One said: “Don’t get me wrong it looks epic. But imagine taking the tree down.”

“I do this and my husband HATES me for it when it’s time to come down,” another said.

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