I found raging note blasting my parking when I was only a little wonky – I'm fuming but not everyone agrees | The Sun

A MOTORIST is furious after she found a raging letter on her windscreen despite parking "a little wonky."

Ali posted the TikTok from her account @im.winging.it.too to show the angry letter she received but people didn't react the way she'd hoped.

The angry note left behind read: "T**t learn how to park???" in capital letters.

In her defence the offended motorist explained: "I was in a rush, perhaps a little wonky. But I don't know if this was totally necessary.

"Made me laugh though. The CAPITALS tell me they were very angry."

However, people in the comment section wanted to see how the woman had actually parked before passing judgement.

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Others were quick to jump to the note leaver's defence and had sympathy for those affected by inconsiderate parking.

Somebody commented: "I’ve had my access blocked by drivers in a ‘rush’ when I’m trying to leave my property. No excuse madam. Park with consideration."

"Probably best to learn how to park!" Another added

"learn how to park, then you won't get a note in future," a third agreed.

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One user even admitted to leaving a similar note to their neighbour once for parking like a "tw*t."

To this Ali replied: "I worry about your anger issues. I was fine. Maybe a touch wonky but it was the other car that parked opposite me after I’d parked that would have blocked access."

The content creator also admitted to being a "late learner" when it came to passing her test.

"I passed at the age of 37, but reverse parking was one of my manoeuvres and I did great.

"I think we've all had a time when our parking wasn't perfect. But I wasn't causing any trouble," she added.

This comes as thousands of angry letters are left on car windscreens, including three posted on the 'worst parker of the year."

The motorist was called out as an outraged homeowner left not one, but three notes on the selfish parker's car – and the message has divided opinions.

Across several pieces of paper are the words: "I want to congratulate you on the worst parking so far this year!

"Not only is your car over the bay and one double yellows – making it an utmost joy to reverse into my drive by the way – but your parking is effecting the flow of traffic."

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"Once again – well done you," was written sarcastically in huge bubble writing as a sign off to the rant.

Another "idiot" driver was caught at a Coventry Tesco carpark, abandoning his car on a zebra crossing.

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