Savvy spender spends just £11 a week on her food shop

Cost of living: Tesco shoppers scramble for reduced food

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Jo Threlfall, who manages PR at the Manchester-based agency, Embryo, Jo Threlfall is being careful about what she eats as she is on a fitness journey and is avoiding going out for dinner to help reduce her costs. She has noticed food prices have gone up but the savvy shopper plans ahead to avoid overspending on groceries.

She told “I spend on average £5 to £11 a week on my food shop, depending on which supermarket I’ve gone to and what bargains are on that day.

“I’ve noticed that some items have gone up in price such as fresh vegetables, meat, fish and tinned items such as chopped tomatoes.

“I buy items for specific meals on the day and prep the dishes for my meals for the week. Most of the items I get allow me to make up to 10 meals, as I live alone and only have one person to feed.”

She said her favourite supermarket for low-priced deals is Aldi while the Co-op and Morrisons are good for reduced items.

This was her food bill from a recent shop where she managed to bag some bargains and reduced items:

  • Five percent fat turkey mince – £1.49 – Reduced due to damaged packaging
  • Tinned Tuna – 59p
  • Lightly breaded cod – Reduced by 30 percent – £2.09
  • Wholegrain Rice -35p
  • Mexican Rice – 45p
  • Tinned tomatoes – 55p
  • Mushroom and tomato sauce – 65p
  • Six pack of eggs – 99p
  • Mediterranean vegetables – Reduced by 30 percent – £1.49
  • Chocolate protein dessert – 95p
  • Vanilla protein yoghurt – 89p
  • Pack of mixed peppers – Reduced by 50 percent – 38p
  • Mixed leaf salad – 23p.

She also bought these items from the local corner shop, which were reduced by 35 percent:

  • Tortellini pasta – £1.09
  • Tofu – £1.19.

She said with these items she could make 14 meals, for lunch or dinner, which work out at around £1.04 a meal.

Speaking more generally about her efforts to reduce her daily costs, Ms Threlfall said: “I’ve shopped more consciously and reduced the amount I spend going out for dinner as I’ve found that you can create a lot of the meals at home.

“I’m also on a fitness journey, so being more selectful and mindful with what I’m eating as I want it to help me towards my weight training goals.”

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the cost of some of the cheapest items like bread and pasta have increased by up to 60 percent over the past year.

Other food prices that have shot up include pasta, which is up almost two thirds (68 percent), while tea (46 percent), chips (39 percent), bread (38 percent) and biscuits (34 percent) all rose by more than a third over the last 12 months.

Retailer Approved Food recently told about how Britons can save on their food shop by buying food past its best before date.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Clearance shops are the perfect place to stock your cupboards with not just household favourites like snacks and treats, but also necessities like pet food, toiletries, cosmetics and alcohol.

“At Approved Food, we also offer multi-prices on many of our products through our Weekly Deals.

“These deals feature products in a higher quantity – so the more you buy, the more you save.”

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