Exterior trends to ‘increase’ your home’s ‘kerb appeal’ in 2023

Styled UK share tips on best interior colour combinations

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As we look ahead to 2023, Britons are continuing to enhance and refresh their existing space to make their homes more attractive to buyers. A well-maintained exterior can help to increase your property’s value by up to £5,000.

Leading supplier of high-quality windows, doors, and conservatories, Anglian Home Improvements believes homeowners are focusing their attention on renovating their home’s exterior appearance to increase kerb appeal and give their homes the best first impression.

While Britons usually turn to their interiors to showcase eye-catching designs, statement colours and unusual furnishings, Rachael Munby from Anglian Home Improvements claimed “when it comes to the exterior of your home, functionality is key”.

Three exterior design trends for doors and windows in 2023

Colour predictions

The experts said neutral and traditional colours will continue to be a popular choice for doors and windows in 2023. Muted shades help to blend with the surroundings and pair nicely with other colours.

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The experts predict “Sage Green” will increase in popularity in 2023. For the last four years, Anglian Home Improvements have seen an “upward trend” of customers choosing the colour for their new doors.

Rachel said: “There are many reasons for its growing popularity, including its natural hue complementing a variety of other colours, the association it provides with nature and the subdued and relaxing tone it offers to create a calming effect, as well as a peaceful and welcoming environment.

“However, it’s our Anthracite Grey door colour that continues to be the favoured choice amongst homeowners. Soft, stylish, and neutral, grey is an extremely versatile colour that can offer an elegant look to your property.”

Design and style

A front door is one of the first aspects of a home people see when they pull up outside or walk past. 

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A front door often defines those first impressions and can really tell a person a lot about what a home will look like on the inside.

One popular design has been a more modern look with thermal efficiency. This style of door helps to transform the entrance of a home and offers a statement look.

However, traditional doors will continue to be the “most popular choice in 2023”. The experts said: “Inspired by the best of British design, the doors are extremely versatile and offer an elegant entrance to a property.

“The front of your home is also important to homeowners as it helps to reflect the overall style of a home.

“Adding that personal touch will set the mood you want visitors to experience upon entering your house, as well as make guests feel at home before they’ve even stepped into the house.

“Brightening the front of your home with outdoor lighting can instantly update the look of your front door, as well as increase kerb appeal.

“Additionally, adding potted plants, hanging baskets and wreaths (not just for Christmas!), as well as having fun furnishings such as a stylish doormat or a standout house number or house name, can also help to set an inviting tone to the front of your house.”


Britons have been incorporating more eco-friendly materials into their homes due to the recent cost of living crisis and rising energy prices. The experts believe the trend will continue to be popular into 2023.

The experts said: “Sustainability and energy efficiency have become increasingly important to homeowners. In the current climate, they want products that not only help the environment but also help them reduce the costs of their bills, and this is only set to continue.

“We predict more people will look to switch from single glazing to double or triple-glazed windows, such as the Anglian uPVC A-rated windows, as it will help to both save on energy, and reduce noise pollution to create a more comfortable, reassuring ambience in your home.”

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Although it’s important to make homes look appealing, they need to be attractive to you most importantly – both inside and out.

As we move into 2023, the experts expect more and more people will be looking to make the most of their existing spaces by giving their home’s outdoor appearances a fresh new look.

In particular, they predict a rise in homeowners making more sustainable choices, as well as using traditional colours and styles to enhance the overall style of their property and provide an environment that’s both comforting for them and welcoming to visitors.

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