Three in ten homeowners have never been into their lofts, study finds

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A further 16 percent are concerned about falling through the ceiling, while 16 percent have no ladder.

As a result of rarely exploring their attic space, 42 percent of those with loft insulation have no idea what kind they have.

The research, which was commissioned by EDF, also found a quarter (26 percent) don’t like exploring their loft space.

The top reasons for not venturing up there include worrying they’ll fall over (37 percent), it being dirty (31 percent), and poor lighting (25 percent).

Of those that have been to the top of the house, more than half (54 percent) have had a rummage in the last month – although seven percent haven’t been up in over 12 months.

But when they have done, one in four (26 percent) have found an interesting and unexpected item – with intriguing attic finds including a WW1 German coin, a false leg, £500 in cash, and a telescope.

Nearly one in ten have gone up to fetch Christmas decorations, lights, or the tree, while 14 percent went up to put something away.

And only six percent have explored their attic to see if their loft insulation needed improving.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, also found only a third (34 percent) of homeowners are aware loft insulation should be inspected periodically, to check it’s still in good condition.

And just one in ten plan on reviewing their loft insulation to check it’s good enough – with 19 percent of people not sure what to look for when checking the condition of their home insulation.

Nearly a quarter (24 percent) have no loft insulation, and only half believe installing it is a cost-effective way to reduce energy bills.

Insight from the Energy Savings Trust shows it costs an average of £480 to install mineral wool insulation into a loft at the recommended depth of 270mm for a semi-detached home – which could result in a saving of up to £355 a year on energy bills for these homeowners.

Philippe Commaret, managing director for customers at EDF, which is working with The Eco Scheme to offer customers Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for a fixed fee, said: “Good quality loft insulation can have a significant impact on energy bills – so it’s surprising to learn how few homeowners are aware of the type of insulation they have, or what to look out for to check its condition.

“The good news is it’s simple to check if your insulation is up to scratch the next time you go up or fetch down the Christmas decorations.

“Dampness, damage, thin coverings, and signs of mould are key things to consider when looking for signs to act on.

“If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or you have problems getting up there, it’s worth enlisting some help, as preventing heat escaping from your loft will definitely keep your house warmer and lower your energy bills.”

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