Our ‘Karen’ neighbour demanded we move our cars off our own property – we’re young and successful and they’re jealous | The Sun

A 'Karen' neighbour who demanded a group of young lads to move their cars off their own property has been caught on camera.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by @stromedy.fanpage0 and has shocked viewers.

The footage shows a neighbour branded a Karen complaining to the men about their cars being parked on their property.

The video's title reads: "Crazy neighbour."

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While a caption on the video reads: "Crazy neighbour complaining about cars being parked on the other side of the road."

According to one of the men who uploaded the video, it's the second time he has knocked on their door to complain.


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At first, he complains because he says there are too many cars parked on their driveway.

The 'Karen' neighbour says: "Guys are you kidding me? Look at this s***."

The young men answer: "What are you talking about?"

He answered: "You got s*** (cars) everywhere."

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The neighbour is then surprised the young men have that many cars.

He said: "There's no f***** way this many people live here full time."

"So you are 22 and have four Teslas, a BMW and a monster truck?"

The neighbour says that the cars cause him a lot of distraction.

"If you don't move your cars from your own property, you are causing a distraction on the streets," he said.

One of the young guys responds by saying that they run a Tesla dealership and it doesn't matter as it's their own driveway.

People in the comments were mostly on the young lads' side.

One said: "Well done, guys. You handled it very respectfully.

"It's a public street and none of his business what you do on your property."

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Another said: "Get as many friends over as you can.

"He doesn't own your driveway or the road."

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