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FURIOUS residents have slammed an "odd" and “dangerous” new roundabout which has left everyone saying the same thing.

The "first-of-its-kind" roundabout has made lives a misery and people fear for their kids' safety as they "cross into a ring of fire” to exit it.

The cycle roundabout, in Salford, Greater Manchester, adjoins a main road and a former cul-de-sac, but locals are outraged at Salford Council as they claim it was a complete waste of time and money.

According to neighbours, their lives have been disrupted during lengthy road works and they feel their money was not well spent.

Lilian Robinson, one furious resident, has lived on the street for 42 years.

She claims she’s now unable to walk her dog safely, without the risk of being knocked down by a cyclist.

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The 71-year-old said: “The roundabout has been built at the end of one cycle lane, which is at the bottom of a hill.

“So if cyclists are coming down the hill or going too fast it’s like a race-track.

“A few times I’ve had to get out of the way because instead of coming off the roundabout and crossing the road to join the next part of the cycle lane a lot of cyclists just carry on.

“But the pavement narrows further on so you’ve got be careful if bikes don’t slow down.

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“It’s made life a bit of a misery because I can’t walk the dog as easily now.”

Selfish cyclists and e-scooter riders have made the issue worse, according to neighbours, as many of them simply choose to fly across the roundabout – creating a hazard for pedestrians who have to cross it.

Charlene Kelly, 34, said: “It could get dangerous, especially for kids going to the nearby school.

“Some e-bikes come flying down the path so there could easily be an accident.

“The roundabout is such an odd design.”

Adele Burns, 32, said, “I don’t understand the whole process behind it.

“I’ve lived her for three years and the roadworks have been going on for ages.

“Some times the noise would start early morning or go on until late at night and cause a lot of inconvenience.

“The existing path was already used by cyclists and pedestrians, so I don’t really see why it was necessary to spend extra money on the roundabout.”

Michelle Carrasco who walks to work along the route of the cycle path, said: “I don’t see how the roundabout helps.

“It’s a bit confusing for pedestrians because it’s not clear how you’re supposed to cross it."

“If it becomes a hassle I’ll have to start going a different way to work," the 25-year-old added.

An unnamed man blasted: “It’s a waste of time.

“It took a long time to build and I can’t really see the point of it.

“God knows how much it cost.”

Soph Hinxman-Allegri, 19, said: “It’s odd to say the least.

“What is the purpose of it?

“It sticks out like a sore thumb.

“It seems a bit dangerous for pedestrians because it’s not clear how they’re supposed to cross it.

“Most will just go across the middle.”

Even cyclists aren’t convinced of the roundabout’s value.

Hamish Gray, who runs the campaigning group Walk Ride Central Salford, tweeted that pedestrian experience was “hugely compromised” and they would have to “cross into a ring of fire” to exit it.

"Similarly, the cycle desire line is also the opposite to what's designed. You want to either cut across the opposite lane or go across the middle.

"These both leave peds and cycles in conflict."

Salford Council's lead member for planning and sustainable development, Coun Mike McCusker claimed that the roundabout is “possibly the first of its kind” in England.

He admitted it had “created debate”, but there had also been “positive feedback".

“The roundabout allows pedestrians to cross the junction safely in two short moves so they only have to be aware of one lane of cycle traffic at a time,” he said.

“It provides a quicker crossing for them and is safer than trying to cross a wider junction with traffic from both directions.

“It has been designed to accommodate people on foot or in wheelchairs or pushing buggies.

"Cyclists circulate round it like a ‘normal’ road roundabout so they, too, can get round this junction safely without putting pedestrians in danger.”

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It was built as part of an upgraded cycle lane and wider road improvement scheme in Salford – with the aim to encourage more cycling.

The council say it was developed after extensive consultation with the public, cyclists and a number of other groups.

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