Charles and Camilla ‘don’t need to impress anyone’

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Clarence House has been home to many royals over the years, including the Queen and Prince Philip. After the pair got married in 1947 they moved to the relatively small home, before later moving into Buckingham Palace. Built in the 1800s, Clarence House was designed to be intentionally plain, in contrast to the palace, by architect John Nash.

The Queen and Prince Philip lived in the property until the 1950s, with the late monarch even giving birth to Princess Anne there before moving to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen Mother also resided there from 1953 until her death in 2002.

Since then, Charles has made the property his and Camilla’s home. While the royal interiors are more lavish now than in the modest 1940s, the King was keen to keep as much tradition as possible, choosing to restore rather than overhaul the rooms.

Royal fans have seen glimpses inside Clarence House thanks to the property’s Instagram and Twitter pages, both of which became defunct following the Queen’s death.

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Photos one of the property’s luxurious rooms, the Garden Room, was shared recently to Twitter.

They depicted a large space with patterned chairs and a sofa, a grand fireplace with a gold-framed mirror above it, and huge windows adorned with thick, red curtains.

Many of the rooms feature fireplaces, such as the dining room, which has a long oak table at the centre of the room and painted portraits on the wall.

Juliette Thomas, interiors expert and founder and director of Juliette’s Interiors, spoke to about the interiors trends seen throughout Clarence House.

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She said the property “is definitely a timeless, classic look”, explaining: “Regency and Georgian style form the key trends within this space.

“Luxurious and grand, the living room is eclectic in style with a sophisticated and refined finish.”

Juliette claimed that Charles and Camilla are trendsetters when it comes to interior design. “The Royals have had a big impact on trends throughout their reign, with everything from clothing, wedding dresses, hobbies and even homeware influencing consumer trends and interests,” she said.

“Prince Charles and Camilla, although not showy – there’s no ‘Kate effect’ that’s for sure – still have a big impact on trends.”

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Juliette noted that Clarence House is filled with vintage ornaments and furniture, demonstrating that Charles and Camilla have a penchant for vintage styles. This trend has always been popular, and will be coming to the fore again this year, according to the expert.

“We’ve noticed a rise in popularity for vintage style lately,” Juliette said. “Classic furniture with eclectic style with collectable antique pieces is a popular décor style for those who wish to create a timeless décor.”

Juliette went on to say that the vintage trend “can be seen to be luxurious”, with items that are “well made to a high standard and it will never date”.

She said people can emulate the vintage trend in the own homes, saying: “They would need an interior designer to ensure the recreation is correctly achieved i.e. the date of the furniture with the correct coordination of fabrics and accessories to replicate that era.

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“It can be done with new furniture made to a certain time period or original antique furniture. Antique furniture can be hard to find, so my advice to get the classic vintage look is to use new reproduction pieces.

“Pair with original artwork in an eclectic mix of frames and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colour to achieve the vintage style.”

Looking again at the rooms in Clarence House, Juliette said: “It’s a classic style with the entire space emitting a vintage feel. Everything from the fringed lampshades and clashing footstool, to the old artwork and classic window drape scream vintage Georgian glamour.

“The traditional mix match chairs and sofa bring the look together, solidifying the look.”

Juliette went on to say that Charles and Camilla are “traditionalists”, therefore, the house is what she would “fully expect for their interiors, with inherited original lovely pieces that are not throwaway articles”.

“I cannot imagine Charles and Camilla opting for modern and contemporary styles and designs that are now being used to furnish many houses,” she added. “They don’t need to impress the neighbours, or anyone else for that matter.”

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