Watch as drivers settle fight over parking space with a very surprising tactic – and it works | The Sun

THIS is the hilarious moment two drivers settle their argument over a parking space with a very clever tactic.

In the clip, cars can be seen facing each opposite directions down the road as they vie for the spot.

And the drivers then stick their arms out of the windows – with fears they might descend in an all out road rage row.

But instead they begin to play rock, paper, scissors.

While the system might have its doubters, it appears to work with the driver on the leftwinning – with the opposing car politely driving off after the loss.

It appears that the drivers played best out of three to decide who was getting the spot.

It's believed the video was filmed in Ireland’s County Kerry.

The clip has now gone viral, with it shared online with the description: "Two drivers in Ireland settled a recent parking dispute with a friendly game of Rock, Paper, Scissors — and the losing motorist went right on their way.

"If only all traffic spots could be settled peacefully!"

And many were impressed with the method of settling the dispute.

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One social media user wrote: “This is how we need to resolve conflicts or a dance battle."

Another added: “I love this. If only it could work in NYC.”

The system of settling the dispute comes as Brits are plagued with parking problems.

In one case, a shocking video of two drivers at 'war' over the last parking space went viral.

The clip showed a Nissan trying to block another car from getting into the park with the drivers yelling at each other.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by @chris_norwich and has had more than 60,000 likes.

In another video, a 'wild Karen' was filmed stopping a car from leaving the carpark as she argued with a fellow driver.

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