Woman divides opinion after returning to car to find trolley cable-tied to door – as some say she deserved it | The Sun

A DRIVER has divided opinion after she returned to her car to find a shopping trolley cable tied to the door.

The frustrated woman shared a picture on a Facebook group but she did not get exactly the response she was looking for as some users said she deserved it for parking badly.

The bizarre incident happened in a car park in Ararat, Victoria Australia, where the woman returned to her vehicle to find it tied to a Woolworths shopping trolley.

Sharing the image she wrote in the caption: "If anyone has seen someone at Safeway car park in Ararat cable tie a trolley to my car, inbox me details.

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"Happened 15-20 minutes ago, p***ed off is not the word for it!'"

But while some Facebook users found the situation amusing, many were quick to blame her for parking badly.


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One said: "Looks like someone’s parking is NOT on point."

Someone said: "Maybe they shouldn't have parked like a d*** and someone wouldn't feel the need to do this."

One commented: "Must of left the trolley in the middle of the parking lot, or it blew into someone’s car.

"Be the only reason someone would do it. Or the reason I’d do it. Lol"

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Another one commented: "First, you probably took up 1.5 spaces and stopped someone else from being able to park there.

"And lastly, if you're at Woolies anyway, just walk back in and buy a knife or scissors and cut the cable ties off."

One said: "The only time I see this is when people park incorrectly.

"Although, mind you, who in their right mind carries zip cables with them?"

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An elderly couple were slapped with a £100 fine after stopping in a car park for only six minutes.

And fed-up residents of Birmingham street have resorted to blocking drivers using wheelie bins in order to reserve parking spaces.

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