Driver slapped with £160 fine for making a simple 30cm parking mistake – but nobody is sympathetic | The Sun

A DRIVER has been slapped with a £160 fine for making a simple 30cm parking mistake.

The owner of the Kia thinks the fine is ridiculous, but people weren't sympathetic in the comments.

Reddit user @u/DatabassAdmin uploaded the picture along with the title: '$287 for 30cm…One of the largest possible fines in BBC….'

The Reddit user from Brisbane in Australia shared a photo of the 30cm obstruction their car caused to a neighbour's driveway, which cost them a whopping £160 fine.

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He said on the post that it was a 'silly mistake' by his wife and that it's the first fine she's ever had a fine in 20 years of driving.

The man thinks that they don't deserve the penalty.


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He said: "I genuinely don't think anyone was inconvenienced in the slightest by this.

"They (the neighbours) use the rest of their double driveway to exit their property."

However, many people in the comments think that the fine was right.

One said: "You're over someone's driveway. Fine, well earned for a clod move."

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Another said: "You're lucky you didn't get towed – this is a towable offence."

A third pointed out: "Your whole "rules are rules" schtick and the complaint about the amount of the fine make it seem as though you don't actually appreciate what massive inconvenience it is when people like you (or your wife) park that way."

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