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SOME messages are best sent between friends.

And the popularity of Snapchat's one-view-only messaging feature clearly caught Apple's eye.

Apple introduced a brilliant trick to iPhones running on iOS 10 and later which mirrors Snapchat's famous feature.

The in-built feature means there won't be a trace of the conversation you want to keep private.

iPhone users can secretly use their Notes app to have these covert conversations.

If one user creates a note in the Notes app, they can add iPhone-using collaborators.

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Unlike normal texting, this hack means that users won't leave a trail of messages behind.

To do this, head to the Notes app and create a new note.

Then, hit More > Share Note > Share Options > Permission > select the Can make changes option.

Next, you can add friends you want to include and share the link.

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This is done by clicking Copy Link and sharing via text, email or social media.

The other person on the receiving end must then open the link and accept the invitation.

They will then be directed to the note you created, where you can communicate by typing something inside the note.

Everyone in the note will be able to see what is being written in real time.

They will also receive a notification when the note has been altered, and a new message has been written.

Text will appear in a corresponding colour for each author.

To delete the secret chat, the owner of the note simply has to click the Stop Sharing option and delete the note.

By hitting the Stop Sharing option, the note will be automatically deleted from the participants' devices.

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