People are only just realising there’s a way to stop your windscreen icing up overnight… and it doesn’t cost a thing | The Sun

ICED-up windscreens may be frozen out forever after driversdiscovered a genius hack to stop frost in its tracks.

Incredibly, the clever trick only requires a common household item.

And what's more, it won't cost you a penny.

Sub-zero nights will often leave cars with a layer of ice across the windscreen.

And trying to scrape it off with a credit card or old CD case when you're trying to get somewhere isn't fun.

But by placing a towel over your windshield before a cold night draws in will leave the glass totally frost-free.

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The motoring hack was revealed in a TikTok video showing a windscreen partially covered by the flannel.

While the rest of the screen is heavily frosted up, when the towel is removed, the glass underneath is totally clear of ice.

The video, that's racked up over 7.2 million views and 390,000 likes, got people talking.

Some were left in awe at the hack, with one noting: "Love it."

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Another chimed: "Common sense."

But others were more sceptical, suggesting buying a windscreen cover will solve the problem more effectively.

Using a towel to stop your windscreen freezing up isn't the only handy hack to banish ice from your motor.

Another TikToker showed how filling a Tesco bag for life with hot water allows you to simply wipe ice away.

And another de-icer trick involves a splash of alcohol on a rag and rubbing it into the ice – removing it in seconds.

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