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DRIVERS are only just discovering some bizarre secret featuresin their car including a key fob hack and hidden umbrellas.

While you might think you know your car like the back of your hand, you could easily be missing out on some key extras.

Many of these have gone viral on social media with motorists stunned with what their car had to offer.

These nifty tricks might just save you some time as well as money.

And it may well mean that you never get caught lacking in a tricky situation on the road.

Here are 10 of the best secret features you never knew your motor had.

Skoda Superb umbrella

The hidden umbrella in the door has long been a revered feature of every Rolls-Royce car.

But you don't have to own a high-end luxury motor to have a special touch like this.

Skoda added a compact foldable umbrella to the door of their Superb saloon, meaning you'll never get caught in the rain unprepared again.

Key fob hack

This key fob hack could save you a fortune if you ever get locked out of your car.

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Many drivers don't know that pulling off the top of your key fob will reveal a hidden key inside.

You can use this special key pop off a section of the driver-side door handle, revealing a secret key hole.

The key can be used to manually unlock and start the car if the electronic fob fails.

Different models of cars have different features but most have one similar to this.

Some key fobs have a button that causes the key to flick out on top of the fob while others have the key hidden within.

Drivers are advised to check their vehicle's manual if in doubt.

Nissan 'curry hook'

First introduced in the Nissan Almera back in 1996, the famed "curry hook" started life as a handbag or shopping bag hook.

But drivers quickly found it was best used to keep their takeaway from spilling on the way home from the local curry house – and the media loved it.

The ingenious feature is still used in current Qashqai and X-trail models.

Volkswagen Golf gear knob

One of the most popular small cars ever made, the Golf GTI comes with a feature you may not have noticed.

Every model has a golf ball in place of the gear knob as a subtle nod to the model's name.

The feature was voted the most iconic in CitNOW's poll.

Vauxhall Corsa bike rack

Rather than have to add an ugly metal frame to the back of your car, Vauxhall came up with the idea for an integrated bicycle rack in their Corsa model.

Hidden behind the number plate, the FlexFit system slides out the back of the small hatch, and can hold two bikes.

All you have to do is lift a handle in the boot, attach the spare brake lights, load up your bikes and you're away.

Honda magic seats

To maximise storage space, Honda came up with their folding seat solution.

First introduced in the Jazz – and the Civic later on – the rear passenger seats fold all the way up to make room for bulky items.

With the bottom of the seat out of the way, you essentially have a second boot inside your car.

Citroen perfume dispenser

There's no need for a dangling tree air freshener with Citroen's unique feature.

Their DS 3 model already has one built-in to the car, and lets you choose any scent you like.

You can add your own perfume to the system and control the intensity as you wish.

Renault boot chute

Another driver parking right up behind you can be frustrating if you need to open your boot.

But with Renault's boot chute feature, you can access rear storage even in tight spots.

The special hatch comes with the Modus model and can make life easier for busy shoppers.

Volkswagen Beetle vase

Volkswagen's special feature could be the oldest of the bunch, dating back 50 years.

Every Beetle model comes with a small vase behind the steering wheel.

It means drivers can add their favourite flower to liven up the dashboard – or use it as a pen holder for the shopping list.

Petrol cap hack

Last but not least, some motorists may also be surprised to learn that their car has a hidden feature to make filling up fuel a lot easier.

When you unscrew your petrol cap, you can place it on a handy slot fitted into the flap.

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The nifty trick then keeps the cap out of the way while the driver fills up with petrol.

However, not every make and model has this feature but a good number of motors do including the Nissan Juke.

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