Sophie and Kate ‘share close bond’ – inside property where duo ‘relax’

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Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward, both 58, raised their two children, Lady Louise Windsor, 19, and James, Viscount Severn, 15, at Bagshot Park in Surrey. What is it like inside?

Deepa Mehta-Sagar, an interior designer, decorator, and founder of Area Decor LLC in Dubai, spoke to about the interiors of the exquisite home.

She said: “The Countess has been described as being logical and practical, yet she is able to voice her opinions politely and diplomatically. Her overall demeanour makes her appear approachable and very down-to-earth.

“This aspect of her personality shines through in the refined yet contemporary colour palette and choice of furnishings at Bagshot Park.”

What is it like inside?

The expert commented: “The living room is furnished in a cool, powder blue—with blue wallpaper, blue and gold curtains, and blue furnishings. It appears almost playful, which is yet another adjective, often to describe the Countess.

“Ornate touches such as a large wooden desk, and a shimmering chandelier are in keeping with royal residences. The interiors of Bagshot Park are an array of lavish touches in keeping with the house’s history, but with modern additions that bring out Sophie’s understated elegance.

“The reception room has intricately carved Indian-style wooden panels which is a core design element. The magnificent scale of the room is evident in the carved wooden walls and enormous doors with aged brass handles.

“The ornate wooden panelling is very much in keeping with royalty. An expansive conservatory was added to the home during the renovations. The conservatory is defined by openness – reflective of Sophie’s approachable nature – and allows for a fantastic view of the sprawling garden.”

Sophie and Edward often let royal fans into their home through video interviews, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Mehta-Sagar continued: “The Countess has often been seen, during interviews, in her kitchen. The kitchen appears to have a classic navy-blue colour scheme, with glass cabinets and a display of fine china, including an assortment of teapots, teacups and saucers.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William live near the Wessexes in Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate.

The expert noted: “The Princess of Wales, and Sophie, who both married into royalty, are said to share a close bond. The two have been photographed often together, chatting gleefully at events. So, it would seem likely that they’d spend time together, and relax over a cup of tea.

“Bagshot Park is one of the most gorgeous of royal residences, located in the vast Surrey countryside. It has been home to Prince Edward and Sophie ever since their wedding in 1999.

“The structure itself is very impressive. It is a grade-II listed building, complete with 51 acres of ground for the family. This affords the residents a great deal of privacy, free from the public gaze.”

Why did Sophie and Edward choose Bagshot Park to be their marital home?

The expert explained: “I would think that the aspect of privacy – that’s at the very heart of Bagshot Park – would make it highly appealing to other members of royalty. The interiors also have a calming yet modern palette. It’s regal and yet it’s very warm and inviting.

“Sophie reportedly shared a close and intimate relationship with the late Queen. Yet it’s clear that she opted to bring up her children, her way.

“Lady Louise Windsor, and James, Viscount Severn, were not given the HRH or Prince and Princess titles upon birth, despite their parents being full-time working members of the Royal Family.

“This decision was deliberately made to keep the children away from the public eye. In this, the privacy that was afforded at Bagshot Park was perfect.

“Kate Middleton has also often expressed admiration towards Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex’s upbringing of their children.”

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