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A DRIVER has been left fuming over being slapped with a £110 parking fine after helping an old lady who had fallen over.

David Peake, 60, received the charge after being 14 minutes late back to his car at Angouleme Way Retail Park in Bury, Greater Manchester on November 5.

David had taken a trip to Bury Market to buy some black pudding for his mum before visiting her at her car home.

He expected the shopping trip to take about 30 minutes, so he could be on time for his visit at 1pm, and paid for parking accordingly.

However, as he was returning to his car, an elderly lady slipped and fell, causing David to rush over to help her.

The delay left him 14 minutes late returning to his car and he was fined by car park operator Smart Parking.


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Given that the parking company do not fine late arrivals within a 10-minute grace period, he was devastated to find he missed the cut-off by just four minutes.

David told the Bury Times: "I was in a rush to get back and see my mum when a lady fell on the market.

"I helped her up and grabbed her shopping from the floor and people working at a nearby stall came to help clean her up and call paramedics.

He was stunned when he received a penalty notice and said he was "so frustrated" by it.

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He added: "It isn’t about the parking charge, it’s the principle of being expected to walk past and ignore someone who needed help because I over my free time in the car park."

The fine was initially £60 if paid straight away, but had already increased to £110 by the time David received it as it had been delayed by postal strikes.

He appealed the fine and explained the situation, but the notice was upheld.

David fumed: "My mum died in December and on the same day she passed, I received their letter.

"I’ve been grieving, clearing out her room at the home, sorting her death certificate and funeral so the last thing on my mind was that ticket."

The ordeal left him "extremely upset" and he said he will never park in that car park again.

A spokesperson for Smart Parking said: "Smart Parking was brought in to manage the car park at the Angouleme Way Retail Park to stop parking abuse and ensure genuine customers can find somewhere to park.

"In the case of Mr Peake, we only have records of him visiting the site three times. On his first two visits, he paid for parking, but on his final visit, he didn't and was correctly issued with a charge.

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"However, as an act of compassion on this occasion, we have decided to cancel his charge."

David said he was glad the issue was resolved but that the company had "not been very compassionate" in their treatment of him.

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