I'm an AI expert – I have major concerns about artificial intelligence in the wrong hands and we need to create new laws | The Sun

AN artificial intelligence expert has revealed her biggest concerns about the technology to The U.S. Sun.

AI analyst and expert Lisa Palmer stressed that there are also lots of positives to the technology and she thinks we all need to embrace it.

However, she did point out a number of concerns, especially regarding the tech in the wrong hands and making sure humans are accountable for any rogue AIs.

Palmer told The U.S. Sun: "It’s important to understand that AI is not magic.

"AI is created by humans and it has all the inherent biases and challenges that we have as people.

"So my biggest concerns reside around our ability to very thoughtfully and purposefully choose the guard rails that we’re going to put around artificial intelligence and hold people accountable to the outcomes by the AI that they generated."

She added: "The organizations that are creating it and benefiting from it need to also be held accountable to ensuring that it creates equitable outcomes."

AI has raised concerns about how quickly it can become racist and biased.

It's these biases that seem to worry experts more with regard to AI's impact on society rather than the idea of a dystopian evil AI robot takeover.

Palmer thinks we're still about a decade off from having AI algorithms that we can trust.

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She wants there to be new legislation and rules regarding AI so that it helps society instead of hindering it.

Palmer explained: "We haven’t even really decided as a society what is acceptable for AI to do and we certainly haven’t reached regulatory or legislative environment that supports what society would expect.

"So, from my perspective, is that ten years off until we have all of these guidelines around it where the tech is capable, society is willing and the regulatory environment is set up to ensure that we have the proper guard rails?

"Probably ten years, yes."

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