Millions of Android phone owners issued urgent warning over 12 dangerous apps – delete them now | The Sun

GOOGLE has just deleted a raft of apps from its Play Store after cyber experts rang alarm bells that they were cheating users.

The apps were described as 'ad junkies', meaning they are chock full of adverts to make developers money with little pay-off for users.

The activity-tracking and gaming apps had millions of downloads.

But they would trick users into watching endless adverts or try to steal sensitive data through phishing attacks

Some of the apps promise cash for watching adverts.

But consumers would find they were duped into watching a never-ending reel of adverts with nothing in return.

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Three apps using the same tactic are: Lucky Step – Walking Tracker, WalkingJoy and Lucky Habit: health tracker.

The trio of apps currently have around 20million downloads.

All three connect with the same command and control server, according to experts at software company Dr.Web.

These types of servers are typically used by cyber attackers to send directions to systems infected by malware. 

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"They were then offered several dozen more ads to watch in order to 'speed up' the withdrawal process," experts at Dr.Web said when they raised concerns last month.

"With that, the apps did not verify any of the payment-related data provided by users, so the chances of receiving any of the money promised from these apps are extremely small."

These apps have also been removed:

  • Golden Hunt
  • Reflector
  • Seven Golden Wolf blackjack
  • Unlimited Score
  • Big Decisions
  • Jewel Sea
  • Lux Fruits Game
  • Lucky Clover
  • King Blitz

While 11 of the apps have been removed from Google's Play Store, Android users have been advised to delete them from their devices.

Experts have also warned that Lucky Habit is still available on the Play Store.

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