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A BRAND new Google Chrome update has been rolled out to web users today.

But it means users must update their now-outdated version of Google Chrome, as it is likely hosting some security holes.

If internet users don't update their Chrome browser the latest version, they can leave themselves and their devices open to malware.

Malware is software that is designed to damage or gain unauthorised access to a device.

It can creep into a computer or smartphone via dodgy links and websites.

Google's Chrome will typically pick up on these dodgy sites, and alert users that "the site ahead contains malware" or that a site is "suspicious".

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But each new version of Chrome will have patched up security flaws in the previous.

It makes it safer for users to explore online.

Chrome 110 is a big update for the web browser, as it is the first version that is not available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices.

Millions are still using these older versions of Windows.

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But they will have to use Chrome 109, or upgrade their operating system to get a more secure web browser.

Any attempt to install the brand new Chrome 110 on these older systems will result in error messages.

While not updating Chrome can leave a device open security gaps, Google has said it will provide Chrome 109 with critical security updates until October "to ease customer transitions".

Google had previously released Chrome 110 to a handful of users in mid-January, as part of its Beta scheme.

"By releasing stable to a small percentage of users early, we get a chance to monitor the release before it rolls out to all of our users," Google explained.

"If any showstopping issue is discovered, it can be addressed while the impact is relatively small."

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