I'm fuming after my £30,000 car was written-off when I left it at the airport – I found it abandoned with a cryptic note | The Sun

A PENSIONER flew back from a holiday to discover the £30,000 car he left in the airport’s car park had been written-off.

Stunned Trevor Bailey, 71, paid £180 to leave his 2020 Mazda CX5 in Birmingham Airport's long-stay parking while he jetted to Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands

When he and wife Glen Bailey, 78, touched down four weeks later they were stunned to find the car they had owned from new was a crumpled mess.

There was a police note clipped to the windscreen – left illegible by rain – leaving the grandparents-of-six scratching their heads over the devastating damage.

An airport PC then found them and explained two airport staff had been racing to leave the car park on their way home and smashed into each other.

One of the cars had spun off into retired electrical engineer Trevor’s car – smashing it to pieces – and wrecking a neighbouring car as well.

We were just stood there in the car park totally baffled, scratching our heads with this buggered car.”

It meant FOUR cars were written off in the smash – despite the strict 5mph speed limit in the car park.

Dad-of-three Trevor said: “We were stunned to say the least. We were just completely baffled.

“We had enjoyed a lovely time on holiday. Then, as we walked into the car park, you could see something was not right with our car.

“As you got closer you could see it was smashed to bits and hanging out of its bay. It was clearly unfixable.

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“We just had no idea what had happened. We were just stood there in the car park totally baffled, scratching our heads with this buggered car.”

Trevor added: “The attendant knew all about it and an airport police officer came to explain.

“Even then I couldn’t believe it. It’s so cramped in these car parks I don’t know how the drivers involved got up to the speeds needed to cause so much damage.

“Apparently they had finished their shift and were in a rush to get home. We all know what that’s like – but this was taking it way too far."

After discovering the smash, on July 29 2022, Trevor and Glen were forced to get a cab home to Loughborough, Leics.

They were told their car was a write-off. Luckily the other driver’s insurer accepted full responsibility and paid out £22,000 to Trevor.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport said: “An incident in which two cars collided resulted in damage to a third car parked nearby.

"Insurance details were exchanged and police informed. We’re pleased this was resolved for Mr Bailey."

Trevor's wrecked car is the latest in a string of disasters to hit owners’ parking at airports.

Douglas Peel paid £140 to leave his 2007 Honda Jazz at a Heathrow Airport long-stay car park before jetting off to Thailand.

But when he landed back in the UK, Douglas was shocked to discover his catalytic converter was missing and wiring had been cut out – rendering the £20,000 car undrivable. 

The 66-year-old suspected crooks broke into the Terminal 2 long stay car park and stole the kit before fleeing. He had to pay £646 to have his vehicle transported home to Dorset, and a further £2,430 in repairs.

Last October Sam Watkins and Chiara Ferri, both 30, left their Volkswagen Polo at Luton Airport while they took a city break to Edinburgh, paying £55 to Maple Parking.

When they returned the couple found the car was badly smashed – with a broken headlight and serious damage to the driver's side. Repairs totalled over £1,300.

Sam was forced to drive the Polo back to Farnham in what he claimed was an 'unsafe' condition after a driver for the parking firm returned it to them late and night and left before he could be quizzed about the damage.

The same month holidaymaker Daniella McCready was left 'distraught' when she flew back from a three-week break in South Africa to realise her Land Rover Discovery Sport had new number plates and £4,200 of damage.

She'd left the £25,000 motor with Platinum Car Parking before flying from Heathrow to Johannesburg – paying £122.99 for what was supposed to be a 'reliable and professional service'.

But on her return Daniella discovered there were dents and scratches all over the bonnet and driver's door, and a chip on the front windscreen.

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The rear wiper had also been snapped in half, the seats reclined, and crumbs and wrappers in the footwell.

But most concerning of all was the fact Daniella's registration plates had been replaced – with glue left dripping down the paintwork.

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