Electric car driver blasts other motorists for stopping him charging up | The Sun

AN ELECTRIC car driver has blasted other motorists for stopping him from charging his motor.

The EV driver @iamdollar vented onTikTok that he couldn't charge his electric car because petrol vehicles park on charging bays.

And he also complained about EV drivers who park their cars in charging stations and aren't actually charging them.

The EV driver said: "So yesterday, I made a video that went viral, complaining about how I couldn't charge my electric vehicle.

"And everyone is talking about how I'm moaning.

"So this is day two and I have returned to try to charge my EV again and we get to the charge station, and surprise, surprise, there's another f****** petrol vehicle in the slot.


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"And what makes it worse is this pr**k is not even charging his car.

"There's A plugged in. There's B not plugged in.

"So he's not even charging his f****** car and he decided to park here.

"So other people can't charge it."

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Most people are on the driver's side.

One said: "He should get a ticket."

Another said: "Oh mate, this has happened loads to me, or the EV post doesn't work when you get to it."

A third pointed out: "Call the council, get them to tow it."

However, a few users said it's fine to park there if you aren't charging your EV.

One said: "It’s not illegal yet."

Another said: "I park in them all the time."

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