You could own a campervan with its own bed, cooker and sink for just FIVE POUNDS – here's how | The Sun

A CAMPERVAN complete with running water, a hob and bedding could be yours for five pounds.

Duggees Adventures founders Brandon Whitham and girlfriend Chloe spent six back-breaking months converting a caddy maxi camper into a fully equipped off-grid campervan.

The versatile motor, equipped for both city and rural adventures, will be the prize for those who enter – and win – the five pound raffle.

Entrants will need to put their names forward by April 17.

An average campervan will set buyers back an eye-watering £24,000 for the base vehicle – excluding exorbitant add-ons.

Amid a crippling cost-of-living crisis, it's an unrealistic prospect for many.

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Speaking to The Sun Online, Brandon discussed how the idea of a mass conversion started to take shape.

He said: "Throughout our travels all over the UK, we have had the opportunity to speak with many people about our own van.

"They would often express their desire to own their own van but had no idea where to start with a conversion and they are very expensive to purchase.

"Speaking with so many people who expressed similar opinions we came to the conclusion of converting a van into a campervan for someone to win.

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"The VW Caddy Maxi is ideal as it is no larger than a car and can comfortably fit into multi-story car parks and single parking spaces."

Brandon also shed light on the attractive built-in amenities the vehicle provides – removing any need for expenditure.

He continued: "Some of the key build features include running water, a 2 burner hob, and a highly efficient 12v compressor fridge.

"This van also comes with everything you need to go camping including your foldable camping chairs, fire pit, sandwich toaster, bedding, and much much more. 

"This van is filled with the technology required to keep your travels off the grid meaning you never have to plug in at a campsite and constantly have the power you need to run the fridge, lights, and charge your mobile."

Campervan residents Brandon and Chloe were united in wanting to help those who didn't have the financial and physical means to create memories they themselves have been able to.

The intrepid couple explained how owning a campervan has been a convenient and liberating pursuit.

"In our experience, the best thing about owning our own campervan is the sense of freedom and opportunity it has bought us", Brandon concluded.

"We have been able to dart off to the other end of the country to meet with family & friends at a moment's notice and have all the facilities with us to live comfortably.

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"It has given us the opportunity to explore areas of the UK we would have never usually visited and really see the world from a different perspective."

You can follow the couple's adventures here.

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