Millions of Twitch users warned they could be banned for breaking tough new rule | The Sun

TWITCH has announced it will instantly ban anyone who creates or shares deepfakes on the platform.

It follows an incident in January, when popular Twitch streamer Atrioc was caught red-handed looking at nude deepfake images of female streamers.

Deepfakes are videos or images of a person where their appearance has been altered to look like someone else, or to look a certain way.

Twitch already has rules in place which prohibit them.

But the popular live streaming site has doubled down on its approach, saying it will now ban users from the first offence.

Twitch has also updated its policy on adult nudity to also include a ban on synthetic NCEI, also known as non-consensual exploitative images.


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The policy changes should come into action within the next month. 

The even more hard-line approach against deepfakes comes after artificially created nude images of woman have surfaced online.

They have grown increasingly popular in the digital sphere, and on the platform.

In late January, Twitch streamer Atrioc faced criticism for looking at deepfake image of female streamers, which he reportedly paid for, according to Engadget.

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Atrioc has since apologised, and said he was "morbidly curious" about the content.

"Being seen 'naked' against your will should NOT BE A PART OF THIS JOB," Twitch streamer QTCinderella wrote on Twitter at the time.

Twitch ambassador and fellow streamer, Sweet Anita, added: "I literally choose to pass up millions by not going into sex work and some random cheeto encrusted porn addict solicits my body without my consent instead.

"Don't know whether to cry, break stuff or laugh at this point."

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