Parking vigilante slaps ‘sinister’ notes on cars on our street… but now neighbours are putting their OWN signs up | The Sun

'SINISTER' parking notes left on car windows sparked outrage this week – and now locals have taken the matter into their own hands.

This bizarre new plot twist comes after residents in a South Bristol neighbourhood started finding demanding messages sellotaped onto windscreens.

People on British Road, Bedminster, were shocked to discover a sneaky vigilante parking warden was living among them.

One of the notes read: " Dear vehicle owner/driver, the residents of British Road have noticed that you park regularly yet do not live on this street.

“Please be mindful of the residents who wish to park near their properties. We respectfully ask you to park your vehicle on the street you live on in the future."

Shockingly, one of the notices was attached to an unmarked van with a 'BT engineer on call' sign inside the vehicle on the dashboard.

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A handwritten addition to the pre-printed note on this vehicle said: "You do not work for BT!!!"

Now, with anger and curiosity mounting among homes in the suburban street, one neighbour took matters into their own hands.

They wrote a note claiming they are not the parking vigilante, and stuck it up in their window, for everyone to see.

It read: "FYI: It's not us leaving the notes on cars!"

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One resident of British Road, who wished to remain anonymous, said to Bristol Live: "Parking is an absolute nightmare around here, and people spend a lot of time driving around looking for a space, so I understand people get frustrated, but this is a bit sinister.

"Whoever wrote this does not speak for everyone on this road. How do they know those who own the vehicles don’t live nearby?

“And because parking is a nightmare here, you sometimes have to park a fair distance from your home.

"There are too many cars and not enough streets. But the main thing is, whoever posted this note doesn’t seem to realise they have no greater claim over the road outside where they live than anyone else."

Kimberley Keenan sympathised with the resident who had been leaving the notes

She said: “I live in a street with the same situation.

“There is no residential parking scheme, more houses going up by the minute and no parking for them."

She emphasised the local high street gets extremely busy and two-hour parking restriction times make it worse.

The resident even claimed she has to wait up to 40 minutes to find a parking space sometimes.

Another resident, Nicholas Helps, said: “I empathise with both sides of this argument…. where I do object is where a minority of drivers mix up ‘parking’ with ‘storage’.

“We recently couldn’t park outside our house due to an unknown driver (not a neighbour), parking a battered 30-year-old motorhome outside the gate for a month without moving it.

"Due to muppets like this the council are implementing a parking control scheme in a few months time, which ultimately will pass the cost back to residents via a permit scheme."

This comes as people across the UK find scathing notes on their windscreens.

One furious neighbour even left a note slamming a police officer's parking – despite the copper abandoning the vehicle in a daring footrace.

The Hampshire Constabulary officer returned to his car to discover the raging parking note after chasing two suspects down a side street.

The note read: "Seriously? What's with the parking guys? Ask yourselves!

Ned Clarke, 39, found a message left on his windscreen by another motorist claiming he had parked too close.

The sarcastic note said: "Nice parking job, a**.

"How about leaving me more than three inches to move?

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