You can de-ice your windscreen in seconds using common kitchen staple – and it costs just 16p at ASDA | The Sun

DRIVERS are blown away by a windscreen de-icing hack that involves common fruit.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by @succhefful and it has shocked viewers.

For this hack, you will need an orange – which cost just 16p each at Asda – and a microwave.

You just need to microwave the orange for less than a minute and then rub it on your car's windscreen.

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Surprisingly, the ice on the windscreen melts away in seconds.

The video's title reads: "Wow! Didn't know you could use an orange!"


Drivers blown away by £2 car hack that will make sub-zero mornings easier

Drivers blown away by hack that will stop misted windscreens forever

While the caption reads: "Frozen car windscreen life hack."

Some viewers loved the hack, with one saying: "Great tip!"

But most viewers seem more concerned about the man's microwave, which looked extremely dirty.

One said: "It's probably the bacteria on the orange that's melting the ice."

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Another said: "It's probably the bacteria on the orange that's melting the ice."

Another said: "I think your microwave started the new covid string."

A fourth pointed out: "Really letting the car warm up works well too. While you are waiting, you can clean the microwave."

Another hack is cutting a potato or onion in half and rubbing it all over the windscreen and windows the night before setting off.

Vinegar works similarly because its freezing point is much lower than water.

It's essential to drive with a clear windscreen.

Drivers can be slapped with £100 fine and get up to three points on their licence if caught driving with an iced-over screen.

There's plenty of other hacks to quickly de-ice your car.

One nifty trick is filling a zip-lock bag with hot water and rubbing it over the windscreen and windows.

Plus, one savvy motorist has come up with a hack to defrost your car in seconds that costs virtually nothing.

TikTok user @rosie_the_jack revealed that drivers only need a hair clip to de-ice their car.

Another hack is cutting an onion in half, and then before your windscreen is iced over, rub it generously over the screen.

And the most simple tip is to park your car in the right place because the sun rises in the east and will melt it for you.

Also, spraying your windscreen with a solution of water and vinegar every night before going to bed can help too.

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