Successful The Apprentice star set to turn over £3million

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Dr Leah Totton has been ranked the third most successful candidate from the hit BBC series, The Apprentice, as her chain of cosmetic procedure clinics exhibits net assets of £664,490. Working with the billionaire businessman has not only helped her succeed, but she has learnt the fundamentals of running a business which she can use for years to come.

The 34-year-old won the reality television show in 2013, earning £250,000 worth of investment from Lord Sugar.

She launched her business Dr Leah Clinics, which provides safe, effective and ethical cosmetic treatments by skin therapists and cosmetic doctors.

By taking a 50 percent stake in the business, Lord Sugar ensured he scheduled time to discuss the growth of the business with Leah. This advice helped Leah grow from strength to strength.

She opened her first non-surgical cosmetic clinic in central London in 2014.

The doctor and Lord Sugar now run a chain of three clinics together and they are also set to open another next year. There is one in London’s Chiswell Street, one based in Loughton, Essex and another in London’s Glentworth Street, which is known as the Baker Street clinic.

In 2019, the clinic’s turnover had grown to £1.6million a year.

They also reported profits of £400,000 a year – and this could grow further as they had plans for expansion.

Leah told London Post the biggest lesson she had learnt since going into business with Lord Sugar.

She said: “The biggest lesson is that Lord Sugar is obsessed with the bottom line and with margin. It is at his core.

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“He’s taught me the fundamentals of business and how they are turnover, costs and bottom line. That’s all that matters and it has been really important for me to understand that.”

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Dr Leah shared that Lord Sugar had requested a Botox treatment once the Londonderry-born woman earns £1million in profit.

She said: “I had a very good 12-month period. I can’t tell you exactly, but I can tell you that the business, of which I obviously own 50 percent with Lord Sugar, had a turnover of £2.8million, which is up £1million on the previous year.

“It’s a highly profitable industry. We’ve been very fortunate, but we weren’t doing nearly £3million turnover in the first year or two — it’s taken a decade to build to that level.

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“We’ve got three sites, with plans for a fourth and 35 staff in total. If someone was looking to make an offer for the business now, you’d be looking at a valuation of about £7million, but I don’t want to sell.

“Lord Sugar did promise to let me give him Botox once I’d made a million — but that’s a million profit, not turnover.

“I’m hoping that the addition of my new skincare range will tip the profits over that mark and then I can personally take him up on his promise.

“I think I’ll get more satisfaction from that than from making £1million.

“Will I eradicate his famous frown lines completely? You might not get a complete resolution of the lines, but it’ll still be an improvement.”

The research, conducted by UK financial services provider CMC Markets used the latest financial reports from Endole to discover the latest report of net assets in each of The Apprentice winners’ businesses, to determine which of them is the most successful.

The data revealed Dr Leah Totton’s chain of cosmetic procedure clinics exhibits net assets of £664,490.

Commenting on the research, a spokesperson for CMC Markets said: “As a new series of The Apprentice gets underway, it is interesting to look back at past winners and their businesses to see how Lord Sugar’s investment made a difference.

“Not only can the investment from Lord Sugar be transformative for many contestants’ businesses but the brand recognition from being featured on the show can also greatly increase the winner’s chances of successfully running their business, even many years after appearing on the series.”

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