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MILLIONS of Ring doorbell owners should check their devices.

There's a simple but easy-to-fix mistake that's worth taking a look at.

Unless you've hardwired your Amazon Ring doorbell to your router, it'll be using WiFi.

That means a good WiFi connection is essential – otherwise it can be a real headache.

For a start, a bad WiFi connection can make your battery drain faster.

That means you have to recharge it more regularly, which is going to put additional strain on the electricity bill.

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And a dead Ring doorbell won't capture any footage, which is a nightmare.

"Your doorbell or camera may be frequently disconnecting and reconnecting to your wifi network," Amazon explained.

"Each time a disconnection or reconnection happens, your Ring device uses power, which then contributes to the battery draining too fast."

But it could also mean you have worse device performance.

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Maybe your Live View is poor quality, so you can't communicate effectively with whoever is at the door.

Whatever the case, it's important to ensure you've got good WiFi.

You can go to www.ring.com/speed on your iPhone or Android and test the WiFi.

Make sure you're using WiFi and not mobile internet.

It's best to do this while standing next to the Ring doorbell, with the door closed like normal.

"This way, it imitates the speeds when your device stands alone i.e using same interference when nobody is home," an Amazon expert explained.

You should also test the WiFi near your router too.

"The download/upload should meet or exceed product requirements in all four speed tests," Amazon said.

"The Ping should be below 60 ms near the router, and below 100 ms at the mounting location.

"Be sure to check out Ring.com 157 to learn more about specific Internet requirements for your device."

Thankfully there are some simple changes that you can make.

Try to avoid physical barriers between your Ring doorbell and the router.

That means trying not to place your router behind or inside furniture.

And consider moving your router closer to the Ring device.

"Sometimes a matter of a few feet is all it takes to improve a WiFi connection," Amazon said.

And there's one more solution worth considering.

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Amazon says that you could try hardwiring your Ring device.

This means connecting it to a low voltage transformer and doorbell kit, which Amazon says "should reduce the need to charge your battery".

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